The Fastest Way To Residual Income in MLM

what_is_residual_incomeThe Fastest Way To Residual Income in MLM
Residual income is why most people get into this profession of network marketing. While people do join because they want residual income, many network marketers ever get to have any. The main reason is that their actual actions don’t give them a high percentage chance of getting residual income.

It’s important that you take action when you start your network marketing business. Here is How To KICK START your New Reps (And Yourself) Into Taking Action Immediately and Give Them The Best Chance of Success….. In 45 Mins Flat but it’s also important that you take the right action when you are building residual income.

Typical network marketer
They want to build a team. So they talk to people about starting their own business. Most don’t see the vision but some will join and then they will talk to more people about starting their own business. Most won’t be successful but some will. The ones that aren’t successful get frustrated and many will eventually quit because they don’t think that they can do it. 

Getting Residual Income
Before you start pitching people for the business, get some residual income first. You can do so by getting customers. There is actually a great free script that is simple and easy to use that will get you lots of customers.
Many network marketers don’t start off by getting customers because they want to leverage the efforts of their team and the residual income from one customers doesn’t sound too exciting.

One customer might only get you as little as $5 depending on the product/service that you are selling. Not exciting, I know but that’s only one customer. What happens when you get a handful of customers? Things change. You only need a handful and all of sudden your are getting pretty excited about your business. You might be getting your own product for free and making a little bit of extra money on top of that.

Getting customers is easier
Some people don’t know whether they should leading with their product/service or with the business opportunity when they are prospecting Getting customers to get residual income is easier than recruiting others to start their own business because most people just don’t want to start their own business. You’ll have an easier time selling our product/service to a customer simply because everybody buys something almost everyday. A smaller percentage of the population is looking to start their own business. Another cool thing about customers is that a customer that likes your product/service, will be your customer for a long time they very rarely quit. Would you be able to say that about a rep? Most people quit this profession within their first 90 days.

“A happy customer is happy because the like product/service and are unlikely to quit. A business owner is only happy if they are making money. If they aren’t making money with 90 days, they are likely to quit.”

Team building
Once you have a handful of customers you have your residual income. It might not be grand and be able to replace your job but at least you’ve gotten started. But here is where the magic happens. Get your downline to also get themselves a handful of customers.

Once a network marketer has enough customers to get their product free and have a little bit or residual income left over they are in positive cash flow! A network marketer that is in positive cash flow (no matter how small) is very unlikely to ever quit.

What would happen if everyone on your team got themselves enough customers to create enough residual income to cover costs of their own product/service and be in positive cash flow?
1. You would have a team that would never quit.
2. You point volume would go through the roof.

You would advance ranks and qualify for more bonuses, cars and/or trips!

Now that’s a great recipe for success!

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos
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P. S.
If you don’t know how to get momentum and if you don’t work your business with the specific steps to gain momentum then you’ll get very frustrated.

That’s why most 95% of Network Marketers quit!

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