The Final Lesson My Garden Taught Me About Residual Income Business

residual-income-businessResidual Income Business and Gardening

You may know that I started a tomato garden this past summer.
To me there is nothing like a home grown tomato.
I worked hard on the garden and when it was producing fruit, I was getting more than I could eat and I was giving tomatoes away to friends and neighbors.

You may also know that I went on a 24 day cruise at the end of the gardening season. My intention was to pull up my tomato plants and prepare the soil for next year. I didn’t really make it a priority so I ran out of time and I just left my tomato plants to fend for themselves while I was gone. I fully expected them to all be dead or dying when i got back because no one would be looking after my garden while I was gone.

I was very surprised when I came back. The garden did need some watering and pruning but for the most part, the plants were doing well. There was fruit all over the vines and I was able to harvest once again when I return.

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MLM is Like a Garden
When most people take a break from their business, the money stops. So they have to budget and prepare for that. But if you establish your business correctly, it will keep creating income for you while you are gone. My business has some passive income streams that are established and while I was gone, I was expecting to make at least some money.

But I was also surprised by my business.  My business made more money that I expected.

I had the passive income that I knew about but I also had:
-I had 4 unexpected checks in the mail.
-I had some messages from companies that wanted to pay me for some future speaking engagements. They actually said, send over the invoice, we will send you a check and we can talk about the dates later. (how cool is that?)
-And to top it all off, when I opened up my pay pal account there was some money in there from some affiliate links that I have on my blog.

Just like my garden produced more than I expected while I was gone, my business also produced more than I expected while I was gone as well.

My garden taught me that if I take care of it, it will take care of me. And this not only applies to my garden, it also applies to business.

How do you establish a business that produces while you aren’t there?
If you want to make residual income or passive income from your MLM business, you have to recognize that it’s not just about working hard, it’s also about working smart. You must learn how to build momentum in your business.

If you don’t know how to get momentum and if you don’t work your business with the specific steps to gain momentum then you’ll get very frustrated.

That’s why most 95% of Network Marketers quit!

Click on this link to get a FREE Audio mp3 that will who you exactly how to start the momentum process and it can happen in as little as 24- 48 hours.

Your business might not get you out of the rat race in the first 48 hours of implementing this strategy but you’ll see some results and notice a shift in your belief, your mindset and the momentum of your business.

If you want other ways of earning passive income, check out this article on Business Insider called “22 ways to earn passive income” 
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Click on this link to get a FREE Audio mp3 that will who you exactly how to start the momentum process in you MLM business. 

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