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overcoming objections fenceOvercoming Objections
Let me first start off by saying that I realize that I’ve been talking and posting about nagging and overcoming objections a lot lately but I just had a couple conversations with some coaching clients about overcoming objections and I needed to post this video.

One of the things that new network marketers want to know is how to overcome objections.
What if they say, “I don’t have enough money?”
What if they say, “I don’t have enough time?”
What if they say, “I need to talk to my spouse?”

Most network marketers think (because they’ve been taught) that if they know how to overcome objections, then they’ll get the sale. That’s true but only if the prospect wants you to overcome the objection.

There is a fine line between prospecting your warm market and nagging your warm market until they join or buy.  If you want to know the difference and you want your team to know the same, then have them read this post about building a business without bugging your friends and family. 

Hard closing
I got really good a overcoming objections. I know how to sell if I really want to. My first network marketing company was a real estate investment education company that sold $17k packages and we sold them for a $10k profit.
Looking back on the whole experience, I sold them to people that really should not have bought them. If I could turn back the clock, I wouldn’t have sold it to them. Luckily for me, I don’t dwell on the past and things that I cannot change.

Work with your prospect not against them
When you overcome an objection, make sure that you are overcoming and objection that the prospect really WANTS to overcome. Find out if should overcome the objection before you find out how to overcome the objection.
If someone says they don’t have enough time or enough money or any other objection, find out if they are brushing you off.

“Your prospects, especially your warm market don’t want to tell you they don’t like your product/opportunity. They would rather try to brush you off with a non-existent objection in the hopes that they will leave you alone.”

If they are trying to brush you off, then it doesn’t matter if you are good at overcoming objections. You’ll overcome the first objection and they’ll give you another and then another.

How can you tell if they are brushing you off?
If they are brushing you off, you can usually tell by their tone. But the biggest sign is if it starts to feel like an argument. There is a back and forth banter that feels negative and if you overcome their objection, you’re “right” and they are “wrong”.

If a prospect is trying to brush you off, if you are good then you’ll be able to overcome the objection. If you are really good you won’t even try because you know that it’s just not a good fit for them.

Sometimes, you can see the desire. They say something like. “Wow! This is so incredible! I want to do this but I just don’t have the money to get started.”
If your prospect does want to do the business but has an obstacle that is standing in the way of them getting started like no money or no time, then you can work with them and suggest ways that you can overcome the objection.
You are working with your prospect instead of against the prospect.

Strong Arming
Some network marketers strong arm their prospects into joining or becoming a customer. These people are very strong in sales, they are very convincing and they are very charming. They recruit A LOT of people but they also have A LOT of people quitting. They have a high attrition rate on their team. When someone quits on their team, the think, “That guys a loser, he didn’t want it bad enough.” What this type of network marketer doesn’t realize is that the prospect told him (maybe not in words, but in actions) that he wasn’t a good fit before they joined but the network marketer didn’t care. He strong armed him with his charm and sales skills and “made” him join anyway. He cares more about the money than the prospect. It is these types of network marketers that give our profession a bad name.

If you want to lower the attrition rate and cut the amount of people quitting on your team, then don’t recruit people that aren’t a good fit. Do you want a one time commission or do you want a residual income? If you want a residual income, spend less time convincing people to join and more time finding open minded people.

If you want a commission you’ll make better money in commission based sales like being a realtor.

If you are working with your prospect, you are helping them. If you are working against your prospect, you are nagging them.

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos
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P. S.
If you don’t have a team and haven’t recruited anyone (or less than 10 people), then this course about building momentum in MLM.

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