The Fortune is NOT in the Follow up

If you desire MLM Success, then you have probably heard that the fortune is in the follow up.

The whole what’s what is this:.

Fortune is NOT in the follow up but rather in the IMMEDIATE follow up.

Things is this, if you know ways to welcome and provide and you do a good task getting that done and you do not follow up then you just squandered your time.

This video discusses how you can guarantee that you succeed in MLM with completing the follow up part of the procedure.

Get your free mp3 here.

For success in MLM, you should understand and practice the basic procedure which includes following up.
It does not need to be rocket technology however it does need to be done properly.

A couple of things to note
1. Assume that your prospect will not follow up with you.
2. BAM FAM: Book a meeting from a meeting.

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