The Hardest Question For Most MLMers and 3 Ways To Solve It.


One of the hardest questions that network marketers have to answer is this…
“What do you do for a living?”
It’s a common question but if you don’t know how to answer it effectively then you are losing out on potential business.

If you aren’t prepared you might say one of the following things:
1. I’m doing this thing
2. Well I’m a (nurse) but on the side I do…

Most people want to join a leader not someone who is doing a “thing” or something “on the side”

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Instead build some interest.

Say something like this
1. I help people build wealth through health.
2. I help (their profession) make more money
3. You how a lot of people are overweight and they go on funny diets and exercise programs and the weight just keeps coming back? Well what I do is I show people how to lose 1- 2 pounds a week without giving up their favorite foods.

These work.
Now go formulate some answers so that the next time some asks you that question, you’ll be ready instead of saying, I’m doing this “thing”

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