The Hidden Benefit To Taking Committed Action

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We all understand that in order for anything to get done or accomplished then you must take action. To really take advantage and to really build momentum you must take committed action. You can’t just dip your toe in the water and “try it out”. You have to dive in and take some real action.

If you are like me then perhaps you have been reluctant to taking a committed action like a 90 day blitz, or a 30 day challenge simply because you don’t know if you would be able to complete it. Check out the 12 “Hidden” reasons why you’re frozen with fear, spinning in circles & feel like you will never actually get anywhere.

90 Videos in 90 days
About 3 months ago, I attended a video marketing webinar by Mark Harbert. During the webinar, he talked about making a 90 plan. I asked him if he meant that we should be making 90 videos in 90 days and he promptly said, “yes”. He spoke about how it would be a great benefit to me, how it was possible to do and he kind of called me out a little bit.
I decided that I was going to do 90 videos in 90 days but I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it because I had never done that many videos before. Today, I’m posting my 90th video and I must say that not only did I do it, but it was much easier than I expected it to be. I was able to post 90 videos in 90 days complete with blog posts and I didn’t miss one day. Not Christmas, not New Year’s, not my birthday. I didn’t think that I was ready to get started but I started anyway.

The Obvious Benefits Of Taking Action
I knew that by doing a 90 day video challenge and taking that committed action that I was going to get more traffic, more subscribers, more views, more email opt ins etc.

If you decided to take committed action then you will get obvious benefits as well.
If you are in Network Marketing and you decided to do a 90 blitz or to get 20 nos a day, then the obvious benefits you get will be things like: more sign ups, more customers and a more inspired and a more committed team.
If you are trying to get in better health then doing a 30 day running, plank or squatting program or a 90 weight loss challenge will also bring some obvious benefits: weight loss, increased endurance, inches lost, looking better and feeling better.

Hidden Benefits Of Taking Action
The obvious benefits to taking action are the whole reason why we make the commitment to do it in the first place but there is an even larger hidden benefit.

The hidden benefits are confidence and belief. When you are start a challenge, you might think that you might be able to complete it but when you are done, you KNOW that you can complete it. You’ll feel more confident and more worthy.

You’ll have the confidence in knowing that not only do the steps work and that they can bring results but that YOU can do them.

When you complete a blitz or a challenge not only do you get the results of the action but you also get the confidence in knowing that you can do it and that even though it was hard, you made it look easy.

You may find that you have a hidden talent or a gift. 

Take committed action
There is something that you have been procrastinating. Maybe it’s doing that 90 day blitz for your MLM business. Maybe it’s a running challenge. Today is the day to start it. Don’t think about whether or not you can complete the challenge because you can. Don’t worry about whether or not you have a trip or a birthday that might interfere with your committed action. Just start.
When Mark suggested that I take a 90 day video challenge, I considered waiting until the New Year to get started but I didn’t let things like my birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s get in my way. I decided to get started. Why procrastinate? Aren’t you worth it? Most people won’t take the action but great men and women get started even if they aren’t sure if they can do it. 

“If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.” ~Thomas A. Edison

Not only can you do it, you will make it look easy.

Create a great day!

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