The Marie Forleo Podcast Review

Marie ForleoMarie Forleo
Marie Forleo simply has an incredible podcast and brand.

From iTunes:
Named by Oprah as a thought leader for the next generation and one of Inc.’s 500 fastest growing companies, Marie Forleo’s goal is to help you become the person you most want to be. In this show, Marie and her guests share actionable strategies for greater happiness, success, motivation, creativity, productivity, love, health, contribution and fulfillment — often with a lot of laughs. From business, marketing and career advice, to tackling failure, disappointment and fear, to philanthropy and doing our part to make the world a more loving, just and equitable place — we cover it all. Get inspired, grow stronger, more confident and create a business and life you genuinely love. Have a question or topic you’d like to see covered on the show? Go to
There are some podcasts that will entertain you and there are others that will educate you and their are some that do both. This one does both.

This podcast does a very good job of entertaining you while you learn and after listening to it, you can’t help but want to take some action towards your dreams.

This podcast is about you, it’s about finding your happiness and about finding your purpose and your gift.

In each episode Marie either takes the time to answer questions from listeners or she brings guests onto her show for interviews. She has enough pull in her world that you can hear some incredible interviews from superstars in the entrepreneurial and personal development communities.

When she takes the time to answer questions, she makes the answers short and sweet. Those episodes are usually less than 10 minutes long and they are the types of answers that give you actual instruction with actionable steps rather than some theory that happens to sound interesting. Even though the episodes are short, she still makes the effort to make them funny and/or entertaining which is part of the reason why I love to listen to her podcasts.


When she isn’t answering questions she brings guests like Anthony Robbins  or Daymon John  and she asks them some simple questions that provoke some thoughtful and profound answers. When she interviews her guests the the episodes are usually 30 mins or longer.

This podcast will inspire you to take action as well as make you happy. At the end of each episode Marie reminds us “The world needs that special gift that only you have,” and she leaves you feeling like who you are and what you do really does matter.

This is just a podcast that you need to try I don’t know anyone that has listened to it that doesn’t like it and that doesn’t get a tremendous value from it.

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