The Most Important Ingredient To Commitment


Commitment is an important aspect to success.

When you make long term commitments to achieve high goals, you are bound to get off target along the way.

“100% commitment 100% of the time is impossible”~Patrica Bardowell

It doesn’t matter if the goal is to get a Black Belt in Martial Arts, to write a book or to run a marathon, you might start off strong but eventually, you will get off target.


Making a commitment and keeping a commitment are 2 different things.

The most important ingredient of commitment is the ability to recommit after you get off target.  That’s where champions really show that they are committed to their goals.

Just because you got off target, for a couple weeks or even a decade doesn’t mean that your goal is not still there for you to achieve.

If you are really committed to the goal then you wouldn’t care if it took longer than expected.
If you are really committed to the goal, you would recommit to it when you got off target.

There is no shame in recommitting to a goal, in fact there is a lot of courage to it.

I learned this from attending a training by Patrica Bardowell.
Recommitting is 1 of her 5 Tenets of Commitment.

So, we all know that you have gotten off target (at least once or dozen times in your life lol)
But are you willing to recommit?

Create a great day!

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