The Most Important Thing To Remember About MLM Comp Plans Is This

comp-plansNetwork Marketing Comp Plans

Have you ever heard or maybe even said something like this:


I’ve heard many Network Marketers try to explain the hows and the whys their comp plan is the best:
We are a binary and I have a runaway leg!
You get xyz bonus if you reach ABC rank fast enough!
If you recruit X people in your first 30 days you’ll get a bonus!
We have a holding tank!  We have spillover!

That’s all nice to hear but here’s a little secret that you probably already know.

Most of the time, Network Marketing comp plans don’t even matter.

At least as far as the bonuses and the residual income goes.

Why don’t Network Marketing Comp Plans Matter?
The reason why network marketing comp plans don’t matter (at least most of the time) is because most people don’t really do anything.
When I say most, I mean 90%+ of network marketers.
They recruit NOBODY!
They have ZERO customers!

There are some that do a least something but:
Most of them only recruit 1 or 2 people.
Most of them only get 1 or 2 customers.
And then… They quit.

The network marketers that care about only about comp plans will end up joining another company because they found a “better” comp plan. These network marketers have “Shiny Object Syndrome” 

If Network Marketing Comp Plans Don’t Matter Then What Does?

What matters isn’t the comp plan, it’s your ability to grow your team and grow your business.

Your ability and your willingness to work so you can grow your team and your business are more of a determining factor than any comp plan.

Comp plans don’t make you money. Systems,ease of duplication and action make you money.

If you don’t recruit anyone, it doesn’t matter if your company has a great comp plan.
If most of the people your recruit don’t duplicate than it won’t matter even if your company has the BEST comp plan.

What would you rather have a massive growing team in a company with a mediocre comp plan or a small struggling team with a company that has the “best” comp plan?

Don’t Get Enchanted
If you aren’t making money in your MLM, it’s NOT because of their comp plan or even because their are not in momentum phase, it’s because you don’t haven’t grown a team and you don’t have customers. When you pick your network marketing company, don’t get enchanted by comp plans, they don’t determine your success.
Passion, belief and action does.

Instead focus on the systems, the community and the product.

Is this a system that I can implement to grow a business?
Is this a community that will support me?
Is a product that I can get passionate about?

A great comp plan is always a good bonus, but if you are missing the more important things, even the best comp plan on the planet won’t make you any real money.

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos
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