The Most Overlooked Factor To Becoming Successful In MLM


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The Most Overlooked Factor To Becoming Successful In MLM

There is a recipe to success and if you are missing any of the ingredients, it makes it harder to achieve.

There are a lot ingredients to success that many people teach and train about.

1. Desire
Wanting it bad enough. Having a “why”. This is super important and I go into more detail in this blog post:  What Really Happens When You Leave Your Comfort Zone

2. Faith
If you don’t believe in yourself, you’ll never really give it a full effort. You’ll never play all out. If you don’t give it your best shot, you’ll never reach your full potential.
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3. Feeling Worthy and Forgiving Yourself
Just like not having faith, if you don’t feel worthy, then you won’t try your hardest. You’ll self sabotage your success. You can learn more about feeling worthy and forgiving yourself by reading these blog posts:
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4.  The Skills
There is so much emphasis placed on the skills:
-how to prospect
-how to present
-how to close
-how to train and duplicate your team

The Most Over Looked Factor
All of these are very important but there is another factor. That  factor is passion for the process. So many of us place passion on the end results but passion for the process is just as important.  So many network marketers buy into the dream of making more money and making residual income.  They think that  because they “want it bad enough”,they can they can put up with the process of making sales and signs even if they don’t like it .

Instead of finding a company that they are passionate about, they look for something “easier” like a company that is ground floor or a company that has a better comp plan.  What if you loved the process so much that it didn’t matter if it was ground floor?

Passion makes hard work feel easier.  
If you wake up each morning excited to get to work, then you’ll do it well. Some of you may know that I have a tomato garden and I wake up each morning excited to water them and harvest them. If I didn’t like to water them, I wouldn’t do properly. I would rush through and just do the bare minimum. But since I like doing it and it brings me joy. I take the time to do it properly. I have a passion for gardening.

Hard work beats talent and passion makes hard work seem easier.

If you have passion for the process, you’ll more likely do the process properly. If you hate doing it, you won’t do it well. If you don’t like doing it then you won’t take the time to do it perfectly. You’ll do it but with a mediocre effort and that will give you mediocre results.

I go into more detail regarding passion for the process in the video.

It isn’t practice that makes perfect, it’s perfect practice that makes perfect.

If you aren’t following your bliss and living your passion then I invite you to look into changing your path. This includes all of the readers that happen to be network marketers.

If talking about your product doesn’t excite you then maybe you need to find a different company (or perhaps get out of the network marketing profession). Find something that you find joy in doing and you find success faster.

Create A Great Day!

Kenny Santos
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