The One Big Mistake That You Are Making That Stops You From Getting Your Goals

Mistakes in Setting GoalsGoal Getting
You’ve probably set a goal before and you haven’t achieved it. You’ve probably set a a goal and you quit before you really got started or you quit before you got even half way there.

There is a fundamental reason why most people don’t achieve their goals. It’s become a New Year’s cliche. The gym is full of people working out in the first days or weeks of the new year because people have set resolutions but by February (or often) much sooner, the gyms are back to their normal business again.

There are 2 main reasons why people fail at their goal.
The first reason is something that’s quite obvious so I won’t spend too much time on it.
People set unrealistic goals:
I’m going to make $1M this year.
I’m going to lose 50 lbs this year.
I’m going to write a book this year.

They set a goal with a mindset of:  “I might miss the goal but even if I only get half way there, I’ll still be happy.”

The trouble with setting big lofty goals is that deep down, most people don’t think they can achieve the goal so they don’t try and they end up quitting.

The secret to achieving goals.
The next reason why people don’t achieve their goals is a big on.

I recently watched a webinar by Ray Higdon and  he taught that your chances of success are greatly increased by how a goal is set.

They don’t know how to set the goal.

If you set a goal like this:
I want to lose X lbs.
I want to make X money.
I want to achieve X rank in my company.

If this is how you set a goal then you are likely to fail, even if the goal is realistic.

The success of goal achievement starts with the proper setting of the goal and the most successful way to set a goal is to break into monthly, weekly or daily goals.


If you want to lose 50 lbs this year, set a goal to lose 1 lb a week.
ANYONE can lose a pound in a week. ANYONE!
You don’t need a special diet, a special exercise or a special pill or shake. You just need to adjust your behavior. With something as simple as losing a pound in a week, you don’t need too much discipline and it’s very reasonable to do. You might lose more than one pound in a week (and you probably will, especially in your first couple of weeks) but if you set a very reasonable goal of losing 1 pound a week then even if you go to a party and pig out, you can still adjust your behavior for the rest of the week and still make your goal.
For many, just falling off the wagon once and pigging out is enough to stop the goal dead in it’s tracks.

Instead of setting a goal of: “I’m going to shed 50 pounds this year”
Set the goal of: “I’m going to lose at least one pound each week this year.”

The same can go for writing a book.
I don’t care how busy you are, ANYONE can find the time to write for 15 minutes a day. If you keep up with this practice, you’ll have your book by the end of the year. Probably sooner.

Instead of setting a goal of: “I’m writing my book this year.”
Set the goal of: “I’m going to write at least 15 minutes each day.”

Breaking down your big (even though they are reasonable) goals into smaller chunks sets you up for success.

Celebrate along the way.
Give yourself rewards for reaching certain benchmarks. Give yourself a treat every time you lose 5 lbs or every time you finish a chapter.
It’s better to have a lot of little celebrations along the way then to have one big let down. Celebrations make you feel good and give you more energy to work the next day/week.

Goal getting is more about consistency or action rather than intensity of action.

Create a great day!

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