The Power of Vulnerability in MLM

The Power of VulnerabilityThe Power of Vulnerability
There is a lot of pretending in his profession. Yes there are a lot of people making money but always remember that most aren’t making any money at all.
Not everyone is pretending but certainly most are.

The ironic thing about pretending is that the people who are pretending think that they are impressing their prospects when in fact they are actually pushing people away. Before I had my fall from grace and lost everything, (a story that you’ve probably heard already) I had great success in this profession. I had built a 5 figure a month business and I had also helped dozens of others do the same. When it was time to rebuild I would make sure to mention this fact to others in an attempt to impress them. I didn’t realize that whether they believed me or not, I was actually pushing people away. They couldn’t identify with me.

It wasn’t until I was honest and told people that I had lost everything including my car, my home and my marriage that I was really able to seem like a normal personal and people could identify with me and that helped to attract them to join my team. That’s when I really started to see my momentum shift again. It was scary but it was worth it.

Vulnerability feels weak on the inside but looks strong to the outside.

Being Vulnerable Is Not Weak
About a month ago I was having a heart to heart conversation with a friend of mine who is also part of the MLM profession. His name is Kramer Nunez.
In the past, Kramer had some great runs and built some massive international teams. However, for the last 2+ years he was in a downward cycle in his business.

He had helped launch a company in Peru where he lives and he had made some rank advances and bonuses and had made some good money however, his business was in a slump and he was barely surviving and no one really knew the truth about his situation. He barely had money to eat and was relying on to his spiritual faith and hanging on by his fingernails to survive.

He was in the process of leaving his company and joining a new one so he could prosper once again but there was something stopping him from jumping in with both feet.

He felt guilty.

He felt guilty that he was leaving his team. He felt like he was abandoning them. He loved them so much that he was willing to join a new company in secret and still help his old team with presentations and 3 way calls. Kramer’s heart was in the right place but his mind was not. As we all know, it is impossible to really succeed in anything unless you can take all out massive action towards it. I expressed that idea to him and I told him to just tell the truth about his situation for the last 2 years and that it was time for him to move on.

17887084_10154388667930598_696969517_oAfter our conversation Kramer decided to make a video and explained why he was leaving. He spilled his guts, told the truth and revealed that things weren’t as they appeared. Kramer explained that even though he was doing presentations and being recognized on stage, he was no longer experiencing the financial success that everyone believed he was and that it was time for him to move on. He didn’t bad mouth the company he was leaving and told his team that he supports them in whatever decision they decided to make, whether it was to stay or to follow him.

The Truth Will Set You Free
Kramer became very vulnerable in his video but he also became very powerful. There were 2 big things that happened to Kramer because he was willing to swallow his pride and become vulnerable.

First, many of his team admired his honesty and integrity. Many people followed him to his new company. He also got a lot of views on his videos and many people that he barely knew (you know those facebook friends that you have that you really don’t know much about? Ya… those types of people) reached out to him and wanted to know what was happening and the new project his was taking on. Many of them decided to join his team as well.

Second and more importantly, Kramer felt free to be honest. Kramer had great first month in the business and I will talk about that in a little bit but I not going to tell you that all you have to do in this business is make a video where you spill your guts and then just sit back and watch your business grow. As you know, you after you spill your guts and leave your ego at the door, you have to work your butt off.

Being vulnerable and telling the truth allowed Kramer not only to work his tail off but it also allowed him to celebrate. He was allowed to celebrate the little wins like when he got his first sign up or made his first $100 or when he reached the first rank that allowed him his first bonus. He simply would not have been able to celebrate those wins if had not been vulnerable because it would have looked like chump change compared to the life he was pretending to live. There is something psychological when you can celebrate the wins. It helps you gain momentum much more quickly.

Kramer’s Results
Kramer is super happy about his first month’s results and I will share them with you but I asked Kramer what he thought his results would have been if he had not been vulnerable and stuck to his original plan of working in secret and not telling his team that he was leaving. He said that he would have made some money but probably just enough to get by. He would have been able to pay his living expenses and finally be able eat 3 meals a day again bute also ran the chance of looking dishonest if someone else found out he was hiding the fact that he was building another business

But, since Kramer did become vulnerable his results in his first month were exponentially better. As of our last conversation, he has
– 176 people on his team and in 4 different countries
– 2 people on his team that made $2000
– 3 people on his team that made $1000
– 11 people on his team that made $500 and 36 people on his team that have their auto ship covered.
– over 50 people in his pipeline many of which he just doesn’t have time to talk to.

Being vulnerable allowed Kramer to get results that are significantly larger than the results he would have attained if he continued to pretend.

17888036_10154388664550598_1010316019_nThe moral of this story is this. The truth will set you free. Be vulnerable when you prospect. Not only is it more honest but it will actually attract more prospects than trying to impress them.

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