The real difference between selling and sponsoring in Network Marketing

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Do you want to know the difference between selling and sponsoring in Network Marketing?

Many people think the selling comes before your prospect buys and the sponsoring comes after the prospect buys. But there is a big difference and it can have a large impact on your long term results.

Trying to get anyone you can on your team. You don’t qualify. You use a lot of hype. Sometimes if it’s your warm market, you use guilt. You try to make it look easy and you just want to get as many people on your team as you can.

When you do a lot of selling, you get lots of attrition on your team. You have poor retention and people end up quitting. It can be quite frustrating. The worst part is that you may not even know what you are doing wrong. You figure that you better sell even more people but all of your recruiting efforts go into replacing team members that have quit instead of actually growing your team.

It really takes the long term in mind. You qualify instead of convince. You don’t use hype, or guilt.
Whenever a prospect shows interest, you wonder to yourself if this is someone that you want to work with. Is this someone that you want on your team? You may stop from join your team if they are joining for the wrong reason. They may have the application form filled out and the payment ready for the “Big Kahuna” package and you’ll stop them (even if you really need the commission) if you don’t want to work with them, or because they have unrealistic expectations about their short term results.

***Side note: Why would they have unrealistic expectations? Well if you were in selling mode, you may have used hype or said some things that make it look much easier than it is and that’s why they have unrealistic expectations.

After you sponsor someone, that’s when the real work starts. True sponsors will only work as hard on their downlines business as their downline will. I always tell my direct sponsors, in the beginning, I’ll work as hard as you. If there are 100 bricks to carry I`ll carry as many bricks as you. If you carry 10, so will I. If you carry fifty, then I will too. I won`t carry fifty one. I won’t work harder than you in your business.

There are 3 things that a real sponsor won`t waste their time with.
1. They won`t waste their time trying to convince someone that doesn`t want to join.
2. They won`t waste their time with anyone they don`t want on their team.
3. They won`t waste their time with someone that has joined the business and is unmotivated to work.

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