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Home Business Party
I guess, I`m considered “old school” but I like home business parties. They can be super effective if done properly. Some may argue that in this age of technology, that webinars are better and easier but I say that both webinars and home business parties have their appropriate time and place.
Even if you don’t want to do home business parties, you want your team to do it. How cool would it be if you knew that while you were having dinner with your family, 1, 2 or more business parties were being held by different members of your team?

How Amateurs do it
Many network marketers don’t want to do home parties. Many won’t do it because they are afraid that no one will show up after they spent days preparing for it.
Or sometimes an even weirder situation occurs.
Only 1 or 2 people show up.
Have you ever been to any type of party and you were the only guest that showed up?
You feel weird and you probably thought to yourself, “Am I the only idiot that showed up to this thing?”

Or maybe you do something worse and you trick people into showing up.
You don’t tell them it’s a business party and you just invite them for a get together.
“Come over for a BBQ and a beer. I’m having a bunch of people over.”
And then sometime during the evening, you surprise them!
You pull out a white board or you start a presentation.

Both scenarios are very professional and don’t yield results

Here’s how to pack the house
Let’s face it.
Most people out there just aren’t open to owning their own business and many people are turned off with network marketing because “it’s one of those pyramid type things”.
With that in mind, stop frustrating yourself by inviting people to business presentation. Most will say, “no” and most of the others will be a “no show” anyway.

Instead of doing a home business party, do a product only party and be upfront with it. Don’t even plan on sneaking in a business presentation.

***This works best for products that either demo well or sample well like (coffee, essential oils, anti-aging cream, make up, energy drinks, weight loss shakes etc.)

People may not want to start a business but they do love to buy!

How to invite
If you opened a restaurant or a store, you would invite your friends and family to the grand opening wouldn’t you?
Do the same with your business.

“I’ve started a (coffee) company, and I’m having a tasting party so people can sample it. I’m even doing a free give away. Do you want to be included?”

How many more people will show if you invited someone with a line like that vs saying, “I started a business and I want to show you how it works.”?

Product Parties Get Results
I know you want do a business opportunity party and grow your business but I promise you that if you do a product party instead (and you do it properly) 3 things will happen:

1. You’ll make money. If anyone likes your product (of course they will, I mean it’s awesome right?), you can sell them a months supply at retail. If you make $30 per unit and you sell 10 units, you’ve made $300! If you know how to do a proper follow up, 50 – 80% of those customer will buy every month. The cool thing about a repeat customer that loves your product is that they are less likely to stop buying. The network marketer that isn’t making any money will likely stop their autoship.

2. The business minded will watch you make money and some will want to start a business. They are going to watch you and think to themselves. I can do this! All Kenny did was let people have free samples and then they wanted to buy it! (just like at Costco) I have tons of friends that will love this I want to learn more. Let these people come to you. For whatever reason, doing a business presentation pushes customers away and you won’t make as many sales so don’t plan on surprising them with business presentation. You want your business minded attendees to see you make money. When they express interest in the business, you can always invite them to a presentation on another day or even do a napkin presentation after the customers have left

3. It’s a great set up for a business presentation.
“I had some people over for the grand opening of my (coffee, essential oil etc) business and it was a great success! I made $x and tomorrow I’m showing people how I did it. Do you want to be included?”

Home Business Parties are a very effective tool in starting momentum in your business, if you want to learn about the process, then get the free audio “Get Momentum In Your Business”.

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos
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