The Real, No Hype Secret Ingredient to Success [video] – It’s not action


I always thought that the secret ingredient to success was action.
Persistent, consistent action.

But after trying that, it was hard to stick with the action when it was something that I didn’t like.

I always thought that success was going to be in the future.
I was depending on the future results to drive me to do things that I didn’t like to do.
It worked but not for an extended period of time.

Try this instead.
Instead of thinking of success as something in the future, think of it as something that happens now.
If you can find something that you are happy to do right now, some that you are passionate about, then you will do it with consistent persistent action. And that will lead you to success.

It wasn’t until that I found something that I love doing, that I found myself wanting to do it.commitment

From the Book “Hero” by Rhonda Byrne

I didn’t have to force myself to do it. I found myself automatically fitting it into my schedule because I enjoyed it.

The secret ingredient to success is passion. If you have the passion, you’ll automatically do the action.

Pretty cool eh?

Create a great day!

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