The real reason why people hate MLM is this…

mlm skepticPyramid Scheme: The Stigma Behind MLM
There is a huge stigma associated with MLM. We like to think it`s because others are ignorant, that they have been brain washed into thinking that jobs are good and that MLM is just an illegal pyramid.
We put the blame on them.
Is possible that some of the blame or even most of the blame should be put on us?
Most of the MLM skeptics don’t think MLM is illegal even though they use the word pyramid scheme. The most popular come back when some says that MLM is a pyramid scheme is to say,
“What’s a pyramid?”
Allow them to respond.
“Oh those that get in first and the guys at the top make all the money? That’s sounds like a job! You are in a pyramid scheme!”
All that response does is make you feel good and start an argument with the prospect. Telling someone else that the corporate world is a pyramid scheme won’t make you any friends and it just puts up a resistance between you and the prospect.

It’s the behavior of MLMers not the ignorance of others that give MLM a bad name and encourage the use of the word pyramid scheme.

What sort of behavior?
Trying to convince someone to join.
Nagging someone about why MLMs are a good choice and traditional jobs are a bad choice.
Spamming facebook and other social media sites about your product, service or business.
All of these behaviors are simply unprofessional and give the profession of network marketing a bad name. Even though it’s not an accurate name they still use the words pyramid scheme or scam.

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How to stop the behavior.
You can stop by realizing that people will buy what they want not what they need.
Just because “everyone” needs your product doesn’t mean you have to keep cramming value down your prospect throat when they clearly do not want it.
Just because “everyone” needs MLM doesn’t mean you have to keep trying to prove that it’s jobs that are the real pyramid schemes.

People don’t care that:
Your company is debt free.
That it’s a ground floor opportunity.
That it has a break through product.

If they aren’t interested then save your time and talk about something else.

Put some feelers out.
Ask a question to see if they are at all interested.
“Are you at all open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?”
If the conversation is about weight loss:
“I know a great weight loss shake that people are using, I’ve used it and lost x lbs so far. Not sure if it’s for you but if you want I can send you some information about it.”
If they are interested then continue the conversation.
If they are not interested then talk about something else. You don’t have to prospect everybody. Especially the uninterested.
It’s when you try to force your opinion on someone when they get a bad taste in there mouth, the stigma is reinforced and they start using the word pyramid scheme.

Imagine if all Network Marketers acted professional
We stopped nagging.
We stopped cramming hypey info that no one really cares about down people’s throats.
We knew when to stop pitching when someone wasn’t interested.
We stopped saying, “Jobs suck” and “the corporate world is the REAL Pyramid.”
We stopped spamming social media sites.

If we acted professional. is it possible that we wouldn’t get falsely recognized as a pyramid scheme so much and actually get recognized as a legitimate profession?
What would that do for us?
Leave your opinions in the comments below.

Create a great day!

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BTW: If you want to learn how to look, act and more like professional on social media, then you might want to try getting a copy of Social Media Local Prospecting Formula and you can get it here

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