The Real Truth About Hard Work And Talent

hardwork-and-talentHard Work and Talent

Do you know how much talent and skill you need to be successful?

The answer is surprising and it very good news for most of us.

This message is for everybody but it’s specifically directed at the entrepreneurs who read my blog posts.
I used to think that you needed to have a lot of talent or skill to succeed in business. You had to learn the art of prospecting and learn how to present, follow up and close.

As a result, I wouldn’t start taking action in my business. I would study instead. I would study about prospecting, presenting and closing. I figured that once I get good at prospecting, then I’ll start doing it. The same held true for presenting and following up. Once I get good at it, then I’ll do it.

I was wrong. Success has more to do with action than it does talent. In music, sports and business there a lot of talented failures or even worse there are a lot of talented people that didn’t even try.

I wasn’t supposed to wait until I was good at prospecting to take action. In fact the exact opposite was true. I had to take action and start prospecting so I could become good at it. No amount of studying will replace experience.

Your success is determined by the amount and the intensity of action you take not how talented and skilled you are.

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My Speech Contest Story
Some of you know that I am part of Toastmasters International. Last April, I took part in a speech contest. I took first place at my club level, I took first place the level after that and I took first place once again the level after that.

20160223_221118When I got to the next speech contest many of the participants were practicing. I thought to myself, “If they are still practicing then they certainly are not ready.” I honestly thought that I would just go into the contest, give my speech and win. That’s what I did for the previous contests. I figured that the competition was a little better than before but I was so sure that I was going to win that I hardly even practiced.

I placed very well at the speech contest. I came in 3rd. But I felt like I lost. The reason why I felt like I lost was because I could have won but I didn’t work for it.
The worst part is that when I compared myself to the 1st place winner, I knew that I was a better speaker than her. I knew that I had a better speech than her. But I didn’t win because she worked for it and I didn’t. She simply out hustled me.

“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.” ~Kevin DurantTweet: “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.” ~Kevin Durant @KDTrey5

Hard Work And Success
You don’t need talent or skill to succeed. You need hard work. Without hard work you won’t get anywhere that is worth while.

You can out work those that have more talent and skill than you. In fact, if you look at some of the great leaders, it isn’t talent that makes them great it’s their work ethic.

On the same token, if you have talent but you don’t work, someone who has less talent than you, less resources than you, that isn’t as smart as you will out work you.

Just like the Turtle and the Rabbit.  The turtle won the race because of hard work even though the rabbit was faster.  Don’t be the rabbit, be the turtle. Work hard on your dreams. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it.

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