The Real Truth About Perfection And How It Really Affects Success

Perfection goes hand in hand with procrastination.
Perfection is the enemy of success.

Many people don’t get anything done simply because they are waiting until they can do it perfectly.

Good Enough
You don’t have to be perfect to get started or your work doesn’t have to be perfect before you release it. Once you release something like a book or a course, you can always improve on it and re-release it. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be good enough.

One example of this is a book called “The Brain Audit” by Sean D’Souza.
It has gone through several improvements since it’s release. It’s currently 180 pages and I think it’s in it’s 4th version but when it was orignaly released it was less than 100 pages.
What’s fascinating is that several readers that bought version 1 have bought the book again and again every time it was re-released.

Candied Bacon
Another example comes in my personal life.
My brother Jeff, like many people, loves bacon. I’ve been giving him chocolate covered bacon for many years as part of his birthday gift and he loves it.

Btw, if you are a bacon lover and the though of chocolate covered bacon turns you off then I suggest that you consider tasting it because it is spectacular.

This year for his birthday, I wanted to surprise him. Instead of making chocolate covered bacon, I made him candied bacon. It was my first time working with candied sugar and it didn’t turn out as good as I had hoped. It was acceptable but I was disappointed with how it turned out.

I was considering throwing it all out and making some chocolate covered bacon, something that I know he would have like but I knew it still tasted “pretty good” so I gave it to him anyway.

He loved it. He even posted a picture of it on social media. You can see it here:jeff bacon
If I would have let perfection stop me, then I Jeff wouldn’t have had the chance to taste the candied bacon that I made for him.

Grand Opening of A Partially Finished Bar and Club
Yet another example is when a friend of mine had purchased a dance club but was running out of money and time before the bar was finished renovating. You can hear about it in the video.

Version 1.0 is infinitely better than version 0.0.

If you are guilty of letting perfection stop you from achieving success. Strive to be good enough. You can always improve on it later on.

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