The Right Start in Network Marketing For Your Team

The right start in Network Marketing is important for your new business partners and team mates.

I used to think that all I had to do to get the right start for my new business partner was tell them to watch the videos and follow the system.
I said things like this:
“Get as many people as you can to our next meeting.”
“Read this book and watch these videos.”

These don’t really assist your new business partner in getting the right start.

To help the get the right start in Network Marketing is to help them make money.

Have them make their list potential customers and potential buinsess partners and set up a time within the next 24 – 48 hours.

Make calls with them. Have them do it right infront of you.
They will get results.
They will get a handful of customers and also have some people set up for appointments.
They won’t be able to make all the calls in front of you but they will be able to make some.
After they make some calls they will be excited to make more.

That’s how you get the right start in network marketing for your team.

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P. S.
People often tell me that they have no one to talk to, that they don’t have leads to invite and present to. It’s a big problem to have but it’s also easy to solve. If you want to know how to get an endless supply of leads for free or very little cost then go and solve that problem.

What’s the 90 in 90?

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