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trust1Trust Equals Sales
Do you ever feel like there is so much hype in this industry of Network Marketing?
When ever you ask a Network Marketer how there business is going, they’ll say,
“Business is awesome… There’s a guy who is making an extra $20k/month…”
“Business is great! You should check it out!”

I recently asked a friend who joined an MLM a couple months back how is business is going and he said, “It’s awesome! My wife lost 10 lbs using the product.”

I asked him how business was going. Not if the product works. Many network marketers feel the need to exaggerate their income, or exaggerate how things are going with their business.

Over 90% of Network Marketers aren’t making ANY money. How can everybody I talk to be doing “amazing”? This false hype puts a bad name on the profession and really questions our credibility.

What would happen if we were honest? Not negative but honest.
People would trust us more. They would be more likely to join our team and become our customers.

Honesty vs Hype
Who do you trust more?
The waiter who tells you that everything on the menu is incredible or the waiter says his favorite item on the menu is the spaghetti carbonara and to stay away from the chicken alfredo?

Easy right? Who would you more likely give a bigger tip to? Honesty brings us a lot further than we know. It brings trust and trust is incredibly convincing.

Who do you think prospects would trust more?
The network marketers that says, “Business is going well! This is so easy. You would be so good at this. Now is the time to join because of the timing because it’s ground floor with a break through product….”

The network marketer that says, “This opportunity, isn’t for everybody. It’s for people who are hungry for change, people who are coachable and ready to put in at least 10 hours/week so that they can improve their current situation.”

Easy again isn’t it? In the end we don’t want the prospect that has the false belief and think it’s easy and takes no work anyway. We want someone that is ready to roll their sleeves up and get their hands dirty. If we were more honest as a profession, we would be recognized as more credible and more people would join.

Have you ever been to the circus and seen the trapeze artists?
Those guys and girls can do dangerous stunts high in the air.
Most of the time, they have a net. Many trapeze artists won’t perform without a net because if they fall, they trust that the net will catch them. There are some trapeze artists that will try bolder, more dangerous stunts if they have a net because they trust it. If they didn’t have the net they would do the same safe (and boring to them) stunts that they have been doing all of their life.

Trust will expand your prospects’ comfort zone. Just like the trapeze artist is willing to try something new and bold because they trust the net, your prospect is more likely to try something new and bold because they trust you. It will increase their chances of joining. If the trapeze artist didn’t have net to trust, they would do the same safe things. If your prospect doesn’t trust you, they would also do the same safe things and they won’t join your team.

Hype doesn’t equal trust, it equals desperation.

A Story About Trust
I remember meeting with a prospect and he told me about his goals and what he wants to accomplish. He also told me what he wants to do and a little bit about himself.

I won’t go into the details why but I sensed that the business wasn’t right for him. I told him that I liked his passion and that he would do well on his next project because he has a very strong work ethic but the business wasn’t a good fit for him. (This wasn’t a take away, I didn’t think he would do well).

He said that liked my honestly and he wanted to work with me. He joined anyway. (I was right though, he wasn’t coachable and he ended up quitting but we are still good friends because I told the truth and I didn’t hype him, he is now working on a different project with business associate of mine)

What if I had given him hype? 2 possible outcomes. First, the hype might make me sound desperate and he wouldn’t have joined, or worse he would have joined and when he quit, he may have turned his back on Network Marketing forever. I would have looked like a scammer and it would left a terrible reputation on our profession.

Your Duty
Network marketing is our profession. If you can’t honest then you are adding to the stigma. I’ve seen many people quit this profession because their sponsor told them that it would be easy. They were lied too. Their sponsor should be ashamed.

Are you willing to try on the possibility that so many quit this profession because so many network marketers lie to their prospects and tell them it’s easy when it isn’t?

It’s the prospect’s fault if they are told the truth and then get frustrated and quit but it’s the sponsor’s fault if they lie to their prospect who in turn gets frustrated quits.

Be the trust worthy sponsor, not only will you actually get more sign ups, you’ll also have harder working, hungrier and more coachable team members.

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos
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