The Shocking Truth Behind MLM Products


mlm-productsYou Have Been Lied To
When I first started this profession back in 2003, I was lied to.  The lie is still being told but I now know the truth.

Chances are that you’ve been lied to as well.

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The lie
Don’t tell your up line but not everyone wants your product or service. Not everyone needs your product or service either.

You’ve may have  heard the trainers, leaders or company owners tell you that everyone wants your product/service but that simply isn’t the case.

The term lie is actually a bit harsh to say because the people that told you that “everyone needs/wants our product/service” may actually not be aware that it’s untrue.

Even if you believe that everyone needs your company product/service, that doesn’t mean that they want it.
Everyone needs to eat organic vegetables but some will buy GMO.
Everyone needs to drink 8+ glasses of water each day but some don’t care and will drink coffee or soda instead.
Everyone needs to get more exercise but some would rather watch TV.

It’s too bad that so many network marketers think that everyone needs their product because that sort of thinking turns them into persistent zombies that think they need to convince their prospect to buy. They figure if they know all the ways to overcome an object then their prospect will have to buy.

The old method of bugging everyone until they give in and buy simply doesn’t work and when it does, you make so many enemies along the way that it isn’t even worth it.

Typical Pitch
Here’s the typical hype filled network marketing pitch

You need this juice, it was developed by (big time doctor) who went to (prestigious University name) and also won a Nobel Prize.  It’s Clinically Proven and lab tested and etc…

They talk to anyone the can and it bugs most people who they convince to listen

What if you sold wedding dresses and tried the same thing and tried to sell it to everybody?
You need this dress, it’s by (big time designer) it’s made from the finest silk that’s been harvested from the rarest spiders in the middle of the rain forest. 
It’s handcrafted by the finest Italian seamstresses. Etc… 

Sounds ridiculous to pitch your wedding dress spiel to everyone you can doesn’t it?
It’s annoying and most people just aren’t in the market to purchase wedding dresses.
Most are women.
Most are single.
Most are engaged.

That narrows the market down drastically.  Of all the single, engaged women, the market narrows further to those that want and can afford a designer high end wedding dress.

If a wedding dress designer, real estate agent, car salesman or baker doesn’t bug everyone with their pitch then why should the network marketer?

Find Your Target Market
Defining your target market is a commonly overlooked step in the MLM recruiting process.

If network marketers, would take the time to define their target market then they would save themselves time and the profession would have a better reputation.

How do you define and find your target market?
Sit down, think and write down the answers to this question.
What characteristics would you absolutely want to have in a customer or business partner?
If you were selling an all natural anti-aging cream, then maybe you are looking for someone that cares about how they look and also doesn’t want to put any chemicals or artificial ingredients on their face.

Don’t get mixed up here. This is not about if they should care if they put chemicals on their face (of course they should!), this is about if they do care or not. If they are happy with the artificial crap that they can pick up at the dollar store then they aren’t part of your target market and you need to move on and talk to the next person.

Once you have that list of characteristics, look for those types of people. They are your target market. They are more likely to buy and will put up less resistance when you pitch them. In fact, if you have defined your target market properly then your prospect will be excited to buy.  They are the low hanging fruit and happy to be so.

So what do you say to your prospect to find out if they are part of your target market?

I’ll talk about that in the next blog post!

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