The Shocking Truth That Shows How You Value Money More Than Your Health And Your Time

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Which do you rank higher: Money, Time or Health?

Most people would say that health is a higher priority, followed by time and then money.

They’ll say that money can’t buy you happiness.

But the truth is that even though they say that money doesn’t rank as high as time or health, their actions tell a much different story.

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You’ve heard that health is the ultimate wealth. All the money in the world won’t do you any good if are not healthy enough to use it and enjoy it.

Why is it that most people cut corners when it comes to their health? If they really cared about their health more than money then they wouldn’t hesitate when it comes to spending money into their health. They would be okay with spending more money on organic produce. They would spend more money and get the best health supplements. They would be sure to spend money to make sure they are drinking and washing with the best water instead of the chlorinated bleach water that comes out of the tap.

If they valued their health more than time they would spend more of their spare time getting healthy. They would go to the gym more often or they would make sure that they have healthy hobbies like hiking or dancing rather than video games or binge watching Netflix.

Time is one of our forever depleting
non-renewing resources. If we get sick, we may be able to get healthy again, if we lose money we can always earn the money back but if we lose time, it’s gone forever.

No matter how hard you work, you’ll never get any lost time back.

This is why so many people treasure their time and rank it higher than money.

But just like health, people say they value time more than money yet that is not how they act.

If they really valued their time more than money, then they wouldn’t spend so much of their time making money.

Most people see their coworkers more than they see their family. They give up their time that they would rather spend doing something more enjoyable to go to job that they simply don’t like.

Most people’s action show that they value the money more than they value their health and their time. Their actions show that they are more likely to trade their health and their time to get more money.

Law Of Attraction

What do you value more: money, time or health?  What do your actions show?

This is super important, because your results in life are directly affected by your actions.
Your actions are directly affected by your thoughts.
If you know something but act another way, then you don’t really know it and you don’t believe it.

The Universe responds to feeling and faith and if you don’t believe, then you will always unknowingly self sabotage yourself and become frustrated.
Give yourself a chance and start becoming aware of your thoughts and actions and watch some wonderful changes happen in your life.

If your actions are not congruent with your thoughts, what changes can you make so that they are?

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