The Skinny on Quantum Physics and Network Marketing

So you are in business. You’ve watched movies like “The Secret” and read many books about the Law of Attraction and Manifesting. You’ve even “tried” using affirmations and visualization techniques and it’s not working and you don’t know why.

Here’s the answer:
It’s not working because you aren’t working!

There is truth that thoughts become things but if I think that I can just think about my business growing and it will grow then I’ll be very disappointed.

I must work.
You must work WITH the Universe (or God, or what you call your higher power) in order to make it happen. You have a job to do and so does the Universe. It’s like that joke about the man who has faith that God will save him in a flood.

Here’s an example:
If a farmer wants to grow some crops, he must work with the Universe to make the crops grow.
If the farmer just thinks about it, he will starve.

What should he do?
I’m not sure because I’m not a farmer but I’m sure he has to: plant the seeds, work the land, fertilize the land, water the plants etc)

What does the Universe do?
The Universe will maybe make it rain, make the sun come out, stop the insects from eating the crops, provide an environment for the crops to grow and more.

Even if the farmer works his tail off, he can’t grow his crops unless the Universe does it’s part too. If he doesn’t then despite all of the work the farmer does, he will still starve.

It’s like in baseball when you pitch to your own team. You want to give the Universe the easiest pitch possible so it can hit a home run.

Let’s take 2 affirmations that I use in my business today:

1. I am so happy and grateful that each week I personally enroll 1 or more ambitious action takers that achieve the rank of director or higher in their first month in (my company) and duplicate other directors the following months.

2. I am so happy and grateful now that each month one or more affluent and influential leaders join my business in (my company) and achieve the rank of executive director or higher in their first month.

As you know I can’t just think about and visualize it. If that’s all I do then I’ll starve.

What can I do?
Prospect, learn to how to create interest when I talk to people, learn how to connect with people, be presentable when I go out (I don’t want to go out to run errands and feel like I can’t prospect because I look like a slob. I might notice someone that I can help or can be a great leader for my business.), learn my 30 second elevator pitch and more.

What can the Universe do?
Provide me with inspiration and motivation when I need it most, allow me to meet the right people at the right time in their life to join my team (imagine how tragic it is that the Universe is sending me the “ambitious action takers” and the “affluent and influential leaders” that I’m looking for and I’m not doing my part) and more.

Do yourself a favor and make it easier for yourself and figure out what you can do to grow your business and allow the Universe to do the rest.

Write down what you need to do and then write down what the Universe can do to help you. Do that, get to work and hit a home run.

If you want the Universe to do all it can, with all it has from where it is, then you must do all you can with what you have from where you are.” ~Mike Dooley

I hope that this post will assist you in your network marketing business. Please comment and share if you would like to add to the conversation.

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