The Surprisingly Common MLM Mistake That Leads To Failure

mlm-mistakeMLM Mistakes

Network marketing has a high failure rate. Most of the people you sign up will quit in the first 30 – 90 days.
Most of the people that your downline will sign up will quit within the first 30 -90 days.
Most of the people that you meet at trainings will quit within the first 30 – 90 days.
But what if you knew the reason why they quit so you could reduce that number?

Most network marketers fail because they just don’t talk to enough people.

It truly is a numbers game.

It’s your boldness and your willingness to take action that determines success.

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What happened to our boldness?

When I was in Valencia I went to Oceanografic the largest aquarium in Europe. I went to go see the dolphin show and they asked for some volunteers to help and to participate in the show. All of the children had their hands up and their were jumping, screaming and waving so they could be picked.
When we are children, we are so excited to participate and get involved.

As adults most of us tend to lay back and try to blend in. We have forgotten the feeling of what it feels like to be bold.

Fortune doesn’t go to the smartest, strongest or the most talented it goes to the bold.

We all know someone that can sing better than Britney Spears but she was the one that is bold enough to go out there and start singing. She didn’t care what other people think she just took action and so should you if you want success.

Real Action vs “Work”
So many people make the mistake of thinking that studying their company comp plan or product is taking action and working their business. You can do all the studying you want but it won’t make you any money and it’s important that you let your downline know this.

Basketball Free Throws
What if you were told that you would get $10k/month of residual income if you made 1000 free throws?
What would be the fastest way to get those free throws?
Would it be to read up and study how to make free throws?
Would it be to watch videos?
How about whenever you missed a free throw, if you talked to the ball and tried to convince it that it should have went through the hoop?
None of those ideas would be as effective as just standing at the free throw line and taking shot after shot. Some would miss and some would go in.

It’s the same with network marketing. To get more sales and sign ups, you just have to talk to people. Find a script, follow the system and start. Some people won’t make it all the way through the system and they will say “no”. Others will go through the system and will eventually say “yes.” You are better off spending your time trying to find more yeses than you are trying to convince the nos.

Just like you get better at shooting the basketball by taking more shots, you get better at prospecting by talking to more people. You won’t get better in either case by reading about it.

Make sure that your team knows this, there is high attrition rate in MLM and a great way to reduce it is to encourage your team to take action regardless of whether they think they are ready.

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