The Trick To Staying Consistent in MLM (or anything other project)

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Staying Consistent
If you are like me, you’ve heard that consistent effort is what is need for success. Consistent effort everyday can beat out skill or natural talent every time.
I first learned the concept of staying consistent when I first read “The Greatest Salesman in The World” by Og Mandino. I highly suggest reading that book.
Greatest saleman

We all know that we must be consistent in order to achieve success, but for most we have difficulty actually doing it. We say to ourselves, “I’ll do it today” but we often procrastinate and let life get in the way and we never get around to doing the actions that will make us more successful.

The thing about success is that it just seems so far away when we get started. We know that we must be consistent everyday as we work towards our goals but we often get discouraged, fall in to bad habits and our consistency stops.

The Trick To Staying Consistent
If we all got rewards for our actions immediately, we would more likely take action everyday. Many of us are wired for instant gratification. We are too impatient to wait.

Instead of being impatient and leaving our success to our will power (how has that worked for you so far?), why not reward yourself along the journey to success?

We often set up rewards for ourselves for when we reach our big goals. Since the goals are big, we set up big rewards. But we often forget to set up rewards for ourselves for the little goals we achieve along the way.

You can even setup tiny rewards for yourself multiple times a day.

I learned this trick from a real estate investor friend. One day I went to his office and every hour while he worked, he played 10 minutes of a video game called “World of Warcraft”.

He explained to me, that he liked playing the game but he didn’t allow himself to play it unless he put 1 hour of work towards his real estate investing business.

This reward habit that he set up for himself, allows his real estate business to give him a solid $10k to $40k of income each month!  Genius isn’t it?

How can you copy this habit?
My friend being somewhat wealthy, could have easily procrastinated his day(s) away playing “World of Warcraft” all the time. Instead of allowing his procrastination activity to stop his activity from starting, he used it as a reward.

Think to yourself, what kinds of habits do you have that procrastinate the day away?
Do you ever?
-waste time on social media
-get lost watching youtube?
-binge watch netflix?

What ever your bad habit is, instead of letting it interrupt your day, use it as a reward so that you can get your tasks done for the day.

Staying consistent in Network Marketing
Many of us procrastinate the actual action and the income producing activities.
We know that listening to audios won’t make us money but we do it anyway because we tell ourselves that , “We need to know more before we get started.”
In order for us to make income in network marketing, we have to recruit and sell. To do that, we must reach out to people either in person, online or on the phone.

Set yourself a REASONABLE daily (or even hourly)goal.
By reasonable, I mean this:
If you are only reaching out to 3-5 people each week, don’t set a goal that you are going to talk to 50 people a day.
Make it reasonable, you can set a goal of talking to 5 people each day and raise it higher later if you want.
If you talk to 5 people a day for 6 days (taking Sundays off), that’s 30 people a week and 120 people a month.
If you do that, you are talking to more people than probably 90% of network marketers.

W13-Small-Attempts-Repeated-Will-CompleteNow that you have your reasonable daily goal, don’t let yourself procrastinate with your bad habit (of watching Netflix or what ever your bad habit is). Instead use your bad habit as a reward for reaching your goal. You don’t get to watch Netflix (or procratinate) until you call your 5 people. It might not seem like a big action but it makes a big difference over a (relatively short) period of time. Think of what that simple habit would do for you over just 3 months or 90 days?

I have friend that told me she binged watched 5 hours of TV last Sunday. She’s not in network marketing but what if she was and used this reward method for her prospecting? What if she told herself, I’m only allowed to watch an hour of Netflix once I reach out to 5 people. She would have made 25 prospecting calls or reached out to 25 people on FB. How many Network Marketers can really claim to reaching out to 25 people in one day on a regular basis?

Eat Your Vegetables Before You Eat Dessert
I recently shared this concept with my team as one of them admitted that they needed help with staying consistent.
One of my other team mates compared this to eating your vegetables before you eat your Dessert.

The income producing activities are your vegetables, they are good for you. The dessert is your reward!  The cool part is then when you start seeing results and you do it long enough, the vegetables will actually turn into dessert and you`ll love doing them.

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos
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