The True Cost Of Pirating Intellectual Information

Intellectual InformationIntellectual Information And Pirating
Before I get into this, let me explain that I’m not that innocent when it comes to pirating. I used to pirate music and movies but I’ve stopped. I used to pirate intellectual information like sales and business trainings too.

Why did I stop?
I stopped because of the energy of pirating. I don’t care if their is some sort of legal loop hole, if you get something that you didn’t pay for it’s stealing.
I have friends right now that brag about their android boxes saying that they can watch the latest movies or they have access to cable without paying for it but in the end, stealing something just sends the wrong signals into the Universe.

The Law Of Reciprocity
I’m one of those that believe in karma and the law of reciprocity. What ever you give, you’ll get back in buckets. That means if you give to charity, the Universe will some how pay you back. If you give $10 to charity, then the Universe will give you $100. You might find it on the street or get an unexpected check in the mail or it might be that you finally get work contract for $100 but the Universe will find some way to give you the money. The same is true for smiles. If you walk around with a smile, you’ll probably get dozens of smiles back. It’s also true for having a good attitude or anything else that you give to the world.

While it’s true for the things that help you and bring you closer to your goals and success it’s also true for things that are in the way and are obstacles to your goals.

If you steal, the Universe will take it from you. If you steal $20 from someone then I promise you, the Universe will take $200 from you. You might lose the money or you might have to spend the money fixing a flat tire but I promise you that the Universe will take it some how and some where.

If you pirate something, then you are sending a message of scarcity into the Universe. You are telling the Universe that you don’t have enough money. Remember that thoughts become things so if you keep pirating things then no matter how hard you work or how long you pray, the Universe will never deliver abundance to you.

If you want to show the Universe that you think abundantly then prove it by spending money on self improvement. Invest in yourself. I used to pirate sales and business trainings. Imagine that? I was stealing intellectual information so I could make more money yet by stealing it, I was telling the Universe that I didn’t have enough money.

How can you expect to make more sales and money from intellectual information that you aren’t willing to buy but would rather pirate (steal) instead?

In the end piracy costs you.
Bigger than you’ll ever know.

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