The Truth About Attraction Marketing

attraction-marketingAttraction Marketing: The Truth
Attraction Marketing has been quite popular for the last couple years or so. So popular in fact that there are lot of people putting down traditional prospecting.

I made a blog post called “How to build a business without bugging your friends and family.” It’s obvious that many people that commented did not read the blog post, they just read the title. The post wasn’t about NOT approaching your warm market. The post was actually about HOW TO approach them. Some people still made comments about not prospecting and not talking to your warm market.
“Ya, don’t talk to your friends and family. No need to bug them.”
“We should talk to our friends, we don’t need to do that.”
I argue that is absolutely fine to talk to your warm market. If you want to learn how to approach your warm market without bugging them, then this is a must read. 

Does Attraction Marketing Work?
For those that don’t know what attraction marketing is, it’s basically building a brand and getting a prospect to approach you about your business.
Does it work? Yes, attraction marketing does work.
But for most people, it happens slowly. So slowly, that people end up quitting before they achieve success with it.
Even the best brand builders and the best attraction marketers know they should be prospecting.
Check out this rant by Branding Expert Tanya Aliza, this says it all.

Active Prospecting and Passive Marketing
Let me take a page out of Ray Higdon’s  book:
There is active prospecting and there is passive marketing.
Passive marketing is when you put out some advertising or some content to attract someone to contact you. It could be a blog post, a sign, an article or anything else that would could be classified as advertising or marketing. Once that marketing is in place, you have WAIT until people start reaching out to you.
It does work, but for many it can take a while before you gain any momentum. If you don’t supplement the passive marketing with something else, you’ll likely get frustrated with your lack of results.

So what do you supplement it with?

Active Prospecting
That’s when you reach out to warm market or cold market. You get on the phone and find out who wants your product/service or who wants to start their own business. If you don’t know how to prospect in a professional way then it will feel like you are bothering or nagging them. However if you are professional and courteous about it, your prospects (even your warm market) won’t feel like your are bugging them. If you want to learn how to do that, then pick the free audio download of “Network Marketing Questions That Work.” This will get the right prospects to be chasing you vs you chasing them.

Attraction Marketing works but if you think, that you can just build a brand and become famous on the internet and wait for people to come to you and ask to join your business then pack a big lunch. It’s gonna take a while.

I get leads opting in to my website everyday now,and some of them ask to join my team. But for the others, I actually have to reach out to them. When I first got started, I had no one coming to me. I had to actively prospect, both warm market and cold market to supplement my marketing.

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos
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