The Truth About Growing Your Business On The Internet

OnlineNetworkMarketingInternet Marketing: The Truth About MLM and The Internet
Internet Marketing has a time and place in the network marketing profession. I had a coaching client tell me:

“Kenny, I need you to teach me how to build my business, using only the internet, I don’t want to talk to people on the phone or skype anyone. I’m using a new system and I have a couple sign ups but it’s not going as quickly as I would like.”

Can you build your network marketing business without the internet?
I suppose you could but it would be a lot easier if you used it.
When I first officially expose someone to my business, it’s through a video that I email them and the video is posted on the internet.
I wouldn’t necessarily call that internet marketing though.

Can you build your business only using internet marketing?
I had to set my coaching client straight. I don’t think that you can build a sustainable MLM business that duplicates using only internet marketing.
This profession is about building networks and about building relationships.

If the profession of Network Marketing could be built by using only internet marketing, then the MLM companies would not need us. They could hire people to do the internet marketing for them instead of paying us commissions.

You cannot build a relationship with someone without chatting with them. Some may make an argument that you could text chat through social media but to really gain most people’s trust, you’ll have to eventually talk to them on the phone.

Can you get sign ups and customers through internet marketing strategies alone?
You can get some sign ups, I’ve gotten a few with my youtube videos and my blogs. But the truth is that most of the sign ups that you might get through internet marketing won’t duplicate and they will end up quitting.
You can actually get lots of customers through internet marketing however, customers don’t need to duplicate so you can build a customer base through internet marketing but you can’t build a sustainable team through internet marketing.
A lot of affiliate marketers will argue that you can grow your business through internet marketing alone.  Really good affiliate marketers know how to get sales (lots of sales) and they know how to drive traffic which is great but that is skill set that will not be duplicated by most.

Has internet marketing made this profession easier?
Certainly, I’ve heard stories of people going to other people’s houses just to show them a 10 minute first exposure video. Now, I can just email it to them.
People can get trained, do research and sign someone up in their business using their smart phone.
I use the internet to often find and connect with prospects. My goal once I connect with my prospect is to connect with them on the phone.

While internet marketing has made this profession easier, it still confuses many people. The problem is people are trying to use internet marketing instead of actually connecting with people.
Internet marketing can be great in conjunction to the phone/skype but not instead of it.

Someone may be able to get some signs ups and customers actually they may be really good and get tons of sign ups and customers but the process won’t duplicate.

If you are looking for a new way or if you think that you found a new system or internet marketing strategy that will get you more sign ups into your business be very skeptical. Any new system that could recruit mass amounts of people and was able to duplicate would mean the company just wouldn’t need us as distributors anymore.

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