The Typical Person Uses Around 28,835 Of These In Their Life Time.

Who ‘d have thought? A message so easy, so moving … and demonstrated using one of my favored sweets. A sweet tip to be more thoughtful of our precious time on this gorgeous planet.

After watching the below video I thought to myself that I’ve wasted a lot of time.
I played a lot of video games in my past.
I also worried too much and spent too much time with the wrong people doing the wrong things.

I wish that I could have that time back.

Also, I thought about some of my best days. I’ve had some wonderful ones with some wonderful friends. WOW.

So now what?

This is what I’ve learned I only have a limited amount of jelly beans left.
A little more than half. Will I waste some?


But I’ll be more aware of it and I’ll waste a lot less.
I’m also making a commitment to live life to the fullest.

No time to worry.
Only time to to work towards my goals and enjoying the journey along the way.

If you had just one day, what would you do? Who would you see? Dream big and let me know what you would get up to!

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