The Very Best And Easiest Way For You To Grow Your MLM Business

Grow Your MLM BusinessGrow Your MLM Business
Many people wonder, “What’s the best way to grow my MLM business?”

Should I:
-cold call?
-talk to my friends and family?
-make a blog?
-host home parties?
-do webinars?
-make videos?
-do social media?

Something to to keep in mind is this,

The most efficient way for you to grow your business isn’t necessarily the best way for you to grow your business.

For example:
These numbers are for illustration purposes only.
What if every time you cold called 10 people, you would get 2 sign ups but every time you talked to 10 people on social media you only got 1 sign up?

In this example, you would think that cold calling is the better way because you get twice the results for the same amount of effort .  Cold calling would be the better way if you liked each activity equally or if you like cold calling more than social media.

But what if you liked to do social media more than cold calling?
What if you had a lot of fun prospecting on social media and you didn’t mind doing it all day long while you hated to cold call and you dreaded doing it?

If you don’t like doing something, you will do it less and if you like doing something else more, you likely do it more.

If you hate cold calling, it might take you the whole day or even 2 days (or longer) to finally talk to 10 people and get 2 sign ups however, if you love to do social media, you might talk to 10 people in an hour or 2. You might talk to 20 people or more per day and just by sheer numbers, you’ll get more sign ups.

The best part is this, not only are you getting more sales and sign ups with social media (even though in this example it’s not as efficient) you are also enjoying the process of growing your business.

The best way to grow your business is the one that you like doing simply because you’ll do it more often.

What If You Don’t Know 
If you don’t know what you like best, then try different things out. It’s not enough to look at a list of different income producing activities and think about whether of not you’ll enjoy it, you must try it out to truly know whether or not it’s for you or not.

Clarity comes from engagement, not thought. ~ Maria Forleo

There are so many network marketers these days that love making training videos and blog posts. I never thought that would be an option for me but I love it. I would have never known that I liked it if I didn’t force myself to try it.

One of my coaching clients told me that she didn’t like cold calling. But once she had a script and I told her that she had to be quick to disqualify, she started to love it. She cold calls everyday. She would have never have known that she enjoyed it so much if she didn’t try it out for herself.

It’s not about finding out what’s best. It’s about finding out what’s best for you.

Don’t Be A Wimp and Do Your Minimums
If you haven’t found out the best way for you to build your business and you don’t find any income producing activities enjoyable, then keep looking.

This however does not give you license to sit on the couch and wait until you find a “fun” way to grow your business before you get started.

While you are looking for your best way to grow your business, you must do something (even if it’s small) to grow your business. Make yourself a promise and call 5 or 10 people each day or reach out to a certain number of people on social media. Do something to grow your business each day and you’ll find something that you enjoy.

It’s okay to have a day where you do a low number of income producing activities (like prospecting) but it not okay to have a day where you have no income producing activities. Who, that isn’t serious about their business can’t reach out to just one person via text, phone or social media on each “work” day?

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