The Very Best Thing You Can Do To Become Better At MLM Prospecting

MLM ProspectingMLM Prospecting
What is the best thing that you can do that will help you improve your prospecting?
I used to think that if I just read another script, watch another video or buy another course the I would get better at prospecting.

I was often to shy to prospect so I would spend most of my time studying about prospecting in the hopes that if I studied enough, I would become more confident.

Just Do It
The best way to get better at MLM prospecting is to simply get experience and prospect more. Practice in the real world. You will be bad at it when you get started but that’s okay.

Every master prospector was once a beginner that simply lacked experience.

Once you start getting some experience you’ll get a little bit better and a little bit more confident.

If you want to learn, you can read books or watch videos or buy courses and study. You can also learn by getting experience and just doing it. I suggest doing both. However, 75% of your learning should be out in the real world by doing it.

Prospecting is a skill. One of my best friends used to be a mechanic.
How do you think he learned how to fix cars?
Of course he read and studied about it but he didn’t get good until he started doing it. He apprenticed and got hands on training. He learned more by doing it rather than by reading about it. That’s how we learn.

Think of learning how to prospect like learning how to ride a bike or learning to swim. No one learned how to swim or ride a bike by watching videos or reading books. It’s the same with prospecting.

Earn While You Learn
The cool part about learning through experience is that you get to make money at the same time.

Who do you think will make more money, the person who learns mostly by reading books and watching videos or the person who learns mostly by taking action?

While you were studying to get better, you could have been prospecting and you would be getting better and earning money at the same time.

What Should I Say?
If you have been to one regional training, or one super Saturday training or simply watched one prospecting video whether it’s by your company or by someone else, then you have a good foundation on what you should say.

Don’t look for the perfect script because there isn’t one. Once you have a script, you’ll end up changing it to fit your needs and personality anyway.

If you need help and don’t know what to say then you can always grab a copy of my free audio, “Recruiting Questions That Work. You can download it right here:

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