This Book Creates Good Habits: The Traveler’s Gift

The Travelers giftThe Traveler’s Gift
Andy Andrews is my favorite author but I would not have heard of him if he didn’t write The Travelers Gift.

This book is superb and if you want or need instructions on how to live a successful life, then this is it. This isn’t a book that tells you what to think and what to do in order to become successful because there are many different roads to success. Instead it teaches you how to think and the mindset that you need to have in order to lead a successful life.

I stumbled upon this book as I was perusing the employee favorites section of a Barnes and Noble in Salt Lake City, Utah looking for a book to read.

This book is my favorite type of book. It’s a self-help book that is also an inspiring story.

It’s about a young man with a young family named David Ponder and he is down on his luck. He is desperate for money, has a sick child and is recently let go from his job.

Through a series of events, he is chosen to travel through time and visit with famous characters in history who give him advice. He gets to meet people like Christopher Columbus and Abraham Lincoln who each share with him one of the 7 decisions of personal success.

When I started to read the story, I found it intriguing but it was when the first decision was revealed to me, I knew that it was going to be a life changing book for me.

This Book Creates Good Habits
I make it a point to read each of the 7 decisions at least 42 times each year. Why 42? (It is a weird number and I didn’t just pick it out of a hat) Once you read the book you’ll understand why because the book helps you develop good habits.

It is an interesting read and also a life changing read. I highly recommend it.
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