This Book Will Help You With Self Sabotage (Even If You Don’t Know That You Are Doing It)

chinese-676650_960_720The Heart Mender
Andy Andrews has become my very favorite author and this week’s book review is about a book that he wrote that I wish I had read earlier. The book is about forgiveness and it is called The Heart Mender 

Do you know someone that has held a grudge for too long and it has affected the outcome of their life? When someone holds a grudge they can’t live up to their full potential. Holding on to a grudge is such a waste of energy and time. Those resources could be used on being productive and happy.

If you are holding on to a grudge that you know is negatively affecting your life, then you need to read this book. This book will help you let go of your grudges so that you can finally get on with your life and be happy.

Many people have a hard time forgiving others and they use reasons that don’t even matter to defend their decisions. They say things about the other person like:
They were wrong.
They don’t deserve to be forgiven.
They aren’t sorry.

When it comes to forgiveness, none of these things even matter.

Forgiveness isn’t for the person that is being forgiven. Forgiveness is for the person that is doing the forgiving.

The person who forgives is deciding to drop the emotional burden so they can get on with their life and be happy.

Forgiving Yourself
If you are like most people and you aren’t reaching your potential (or even a fraction of it), are you willing to try on the possibility that you are unknowingly self sabotaging yourself?
Many times we feel like we just aren’t worthy of success. We tell ourselves counter intuitive statements like:

I’ll feel worthy of success once I achieve success.


I’ve really messed up my life and I’ve made some big mistakes. I can’t forgive myself until I fix those mistakes.

These thoughts are backwards and they are putting the cart before the horse. You must forgive yourself first so that you can feel worthy of success and once you feel worthy, you’ll finally take confident action towards your goals without self sabotaging yourself.

You have the skill and the talent to succeed in life but there are people with less skill,less talent, less time, less money and just plain less everything than you that have out hustled you and have become successful. The main reason is because they feel worthy and they aren’t self sabotaging themselves.

This Book Will Help The Reader Forgive
This book is not only entertaining and a wonderful story but it will help you forgive.

I once heard Andy talking about The Heart Mender on his podcast and he had one of his readers write him in praise of the book.

The reader had 2 friends that were no longer speaking to each other. The reader decided to buy them each a copy of The Heart Mender. Neither of them knew that the other was reading The Heart Mender. Once they each read the book they independently sought each other out to bury the hatchet and forgive each other.

The reader had given each of his friends a beautiful gift. While the book is great gift, he also gave them the priceless gift of a rekindled friendship. What an incredible gift that is!

Whether you or someone you know needs the gift of forgiving themselves or forgiving another, this is definitely a must read.
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