This Is How Top Earners Train Their Teams

Team TrainingThe Most Efficient Way Of Training Someone In Your Network Marketing Business

Many network marketers love to teach and train their team. If you are anything like I used to be, I would be more than happy to spend 30- 60 mins with each of my new recruits whenever they phoned me and asked a question. It’s a dangerous trap.

In my mind, I thought that I was helping them. I also thought that I was investing my time in the my own business. Taking the time to train your team is doable and manageable when your team is small but think about how difficult and time consuming it becomes when your team gets bigger. If you did that for every single question and every single person on your team, you wouldn’t haven enough time to do it and you wouldn’t get anything else done.

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There are 3 things that you can do when someone asks you question about building their network marketing business.

1. Sit down 1 on 1 or on the phone with your rep
This is the most popular way of addressing the question. It’s a lot of fun and it does stroke your ego a bit because you get to train them. You can probably answer the question in as little as 2- 10 mins however a conversation can easily turn into 30 mins or an hour. It’s very effective however it’s not easy to duplicate and it’s very time consuming. What if the next week or the next day or even the next hour someone else on your team calls you and asks the same question? You’ll have to sit down and answer the question again. This is how network work marketers can go from recruiting mode into managing mode because they simply feel like they don’t have time to build their business. They are too busy training their team to recruit!

This method is effective but it isn’t efficient.

2. Use The Company Tools
Sometimes (actually most times) the company already has a tools that does all of the training and explaining for you. If your new business partner asks you to explain the compensation plan or the science behind the product, you can just send them a link to a company made video that explains it for you.

Some companies even have training for how to prospect, invite, close and overcome objections. It makes it very simple for the sponsor to just point them to the company resources. It does take a lot of discipline for many network marketers to do the pointing and guiding simply because they enjoy talking with their reps.

The wonderful thing about using the company tools is that it is very easy to duplicate. Once your new recruit sees that you are pointing them to the company tools, they will learn that if they get the same question they should do the same thing. That would never happen if you answered the question directly. Some of your new reps might get intimidated at the thought of doing all the explaining and answering when someone they recruit asks them a question.

This method is more efficient but it’s not as effective as teaching them yourself.

The 3rd one is my favorite because it leverages your time and it builds a tremendous amount of crediblity. It let’s you do all of the teaching and training but is still very easy to duplicate. This method is both very efficient and very effective. I explain it in the video below.

How do you teach and train your team? I would love to hear in the comments below.

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