This Is Why Being Grateful Brings You More Blessings

gratitude circleGratitude
Have you ever heard that being grateful will bring you more blessings?
I have too and I’ve often wondered why that is. I’ve always had a loose idea of the hows and they whys gratitude can bring you more to be grateful for but I gotten more understanding about in the book I’m currently reading:  The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy compound effect

Darren’s Gift
In one of the chapters, Darren explains a gift that he made for his wife. He decided that each day for a year, he would write one thing that he appreciated about his wife. She said it was the best present that she had ever received.

Darren’s Insight
What’s great about this gift is that it’s personalized and it doesn’t rely on spending lots of money to show that you care about someone. What’s makes this gift more special was the insight that Darren gained when he was making the gift.

He explained:
When he recognized what he appreciated about his wife,
he wanted to show up bigger for her in their marriage.
That made her feel more appreciated and loved,
so she showed up bigger in their marriage too.
That gave Darren more to recognize and appreciate
which made him want to show up even bigger for her
And so on..

Isn’t that incredible? That can go on and on and on. I call it the Gratitude Circle

It Applies To Life In General
I wrote a blog post about doing things that make you truly happy and grateful.

If you show gratitude and recognize the things you are grateful for,
you will want to show up bigger in life,
you’ll play harder,
you’ll take more action,
you’ll do more productive things.
(instead of feeling sorry for yourself and Netflix bingeing!)
Which will yield better results,
which will give you more to grateful about.
And that will make you want to show up bigger in life.
And so on…

Being grateful and showing gratitude, sparks more action which will give you more to be grateful for.

So tell me, what’s one of the things you are grateful for?
I would love to hear it so please share it in the comments below.
If you don’t want to go first, then I will.
I’m grateful for my son. Mason.


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