This Is Why Hard Work Simply Isn’t Good Enough To Ensure Success

Hard Work
When I was growing up, a was taught that you needed to work hard in order to achieve success. While that’s true, you probably know many people that work very hard, yet they still haven’t achieved the level of success that they are looking for.

While hard work is important, here are 2 more necessary ingredients that you need in your life in order to achieve success.

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1. You Must Believe In Yourself

If you don’t believe in yourself, then you will unconsciously self sabotage yourself and hold yourself back. Even though you feel like you are working hard, you will play small. This can be very frustrating to the dream chaser because they feel like they are doing everything correct but nothing is going right. All they need is a small change in Faith to turn their life around.

In order to build belief within yourself, look at success stories. Read biographies of successful people. You will see that normal people just like you have achieved epic levels of success. The cool part is that most of them started off with less than you.

They may have had less money than you, they may have had less skill than you, they may have had less education than you and they may have been dumber than you. They may even be uglier than you but they still hustled their way to success. If they could do it with less than you, then you can too. Use their stories as proof to build your yourself.

The Universe doesn’t deliver to you what you want or even what you deserve. It delivers to you what you believe.

2. You Must Feel Worthy
Just like having belief, you must also feel worthy. If you don’t feel like you are worthy of success, then you will self sabotage yourself and play small just like when you don’t believe in yourself.

Life is too short to work your butt off for days (or years) only to feel unworthy of success and get frustrated by your lack of results.

Many people (in fact most people) believe that they need to achieve success first. Once they do that, then (and only then) they will feel worthy. But they have it backwards. They must feel worthy first so that they can achieve success. Otherwise, they are holding back and playing small.

One of the ways of helping you feel worthy of success is just like building belief in yourself. Read success stories of ordinary people just like you that have achieved success. If they are worthy of success then why not you?

Another way is to shift your focus from your results to your actions. You are already working hard towards your goals and dreams. Instead of focusing on your lack of results, focus on the fact that you are taking action.

Don’t waste time focusing on things you can’t control.You cannot control your results but you can only control your action.

Consciously shift your attention to the process instead of the end goal. Focusing on the action keeps you motivated. Focusing on the actions gives you a feeling of contentment. Which will help you feel worthy.

Now you have you 2 things that matter more than hard work when it comes to making progress towards your success. You also know 2 things that you can do to increase your belief and your self worth.

How cool is that?

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