This is Why Network Marketing is Like Church

seek truthNetwork Marketing is Like Church

We have often compared the pyramid structure of Network Marketing to the same pyramid structure of corporate america, the military and even church. I recently read an article by face book friend of mine called “Network Marketing is Like Church” by Robert Blackman

Robert makes a great comparison between Church and Network Marketing.

Tithing Is Like Auto-Ship
If a church is remain active, then people have to tithe. If a network marketing company is to remain active, then people have to buy their auto-ship every month.
Just like most people don’t tithe at church, most people don’t buy their auto-ship.

Eighty percent of churches in America are not growing in membership. Bigger numbers are the same for network marketers. Most network marketers quit within 90 days.

Most people don’t even try to invite their friends and family to church events because they fear rejection. Does that sound the same for network marketing? Many people are “knocking” the warm market approach they would rather do attraction marketing.

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Attendance is low
Less than 20 percent of Americans regularly attend church they just are not active. How many people join a network marketing company and are no longer active? How many on your team are regularly attending team events and weekly meetings?

There is one more reason why Network Marketing is like church.

Do you know someone (maybe in your own church) that act a certain way at church but when they are out of church they act a different way? Maybe they act all pious and gentle at church but the next day at work or a different social setting they act different, maybe they curse, fight or argue.

There are those types in network marketing. At the weekly meetings, the Super Saturday trainings or the regional events they act like they are working the business.
“I’m going to prospect!”
“I’m going to read a personal development book each day!’
“I’m gonna be crown diamond just watch!”

But in reality, they don’t have the discipline. They aren’t taking action. They keep procrastinating and pushing the work to the next day or the next week. They never take substantial action.

Knowing something and not doing anything about it is no better than not knowing it.

If you are going to talk the talk, then walk the walk.

It’s not surprising that 90+ percent of network marketers don’t make ANY money, they aren’t on autoship, they aren’t growing their business, they are reluctant to recruit and they aren’t even active.

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