This is why you will never be successful

Success is what everybody wants and what everyone defines differently but you will never get it. The only way that you will be successful is if you consider yourself successful now. But if you want to be even more successful than you are now, YOU will NEVER get it. Ever.

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When I say that you will never become successful, I’m talking about the person you are today.

Unless you are already living your dreams, the person that you are today, is not the person that will live your dreams.

Your results will only grow as far as you grow as a person.

I Don’t Want To Change
There are those that say,
“I like who I am, I don’t want to change who I am.”
“I just don’t have a selling personality.”
“I’m just too nice, nice guys finish last.”

Don’t let you stand in the way of you.

“To be successful, you never have to be anyone but yourself but you will need to be the very best version of yourself.”

Hiding behind your morals as a reason for you not chasing success is just lame. No one ever said that you have to change your morals or your values. You will have to evolve but you don’t have change your values.

You are here to change lives and to that effectively then you need to be the best version of yourself.

Create a great day!

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