This Mistake Is Costing You And Your Team Thousands of Dollars of Income

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A Mistake That Is Costing You Thousands Of Dollars Of Residual Income

Are you making a mistake that is costing you thousands of dollars of income?

Imagine this:
Mr. New Networker is excited to build a business. He just finished a presentation and his prospect really likes it. They say, “I don’t think this business is for me but I do want to purchase the product.” He just got a customer! Yes! Does he sign them up as a happy customer? Nope, he is so enchanted with idea of building a business that he does 1 of 2 things.

1. He asks them why they don’t want to start a business. If they like the product so much why wouldn’t they want to start a business with it? He doesn’t like their answer and keeps nagging them and tries to convince them to join his team. He thinks to himself, “I don’t need them. I’m looking for business builders not customers..” He ends up losing the customer and also some residual income.

2. He says, “Why don’t you at least sign up as a rep so you can buy the product at wholesale?” He explains them that if they just pay $49.95 then they  can save money. The customer, happily does that. Mr. New Network is happy that he just recruited a new rep but doesn’t realize that he just lost some residual income that he could have gotten if they had just been a customer.

Customers Are The Life Blood of Any Business
Most network marketers don’t realize how powerful having customers is. They are so focused on building team that they are leaving thousands of dollars on the table. The idea of getting a customer and getting a $10 or $30 commission isn’t as exciting as signing up a rep and getting $100 or more commission.

They are forgetting 2 things:

1. Getting a customer is so much easier then recruiting a rep. Most people are programmed to get a job. The idea of starting a business is very out of the box.

2. If their customer likes the product and if they follow up correctly, their $10 or $30 commission can turn into residual income. Making $10 doesn’t sound exciting but making $10 monthly for life does! Their customer may give them referrals which could turn into 100’s of dollars a month in commission. After a while they may even become a rep and become one of their biggest leaders.

Let customers be customers

“Would you use your product if you weren’t selling it? Do you think others might too? Can you let customers be customers?” ~Kim Klaver

Look around your house. Are there things that you absolutely love? Your precious iPhone, your mac computer, your vitamix blender, your fancy car. Should you see sell those things for a living just because you love them?

A big reason why there is such a stigma behind our profession is because most people don’t want to be pushed to sell things they just bought. Let them be happy customers and you be happy getting a monthly commission from them.  You’ve already told them that there is a business attached to the product.  If they want to pursue the business they’ll let you know.  You don’t have to shove it down their throat.

Customers Make The Best Reps
Most people that you recruit will quit. Probably within the first 30 -90 days. Why do they quit? They quit because they are not making ANY money. When they quit, they stop their monthly auto ship, you’ll lose the montly volume you may never hear from them again.

What about the customer that loves the product?
What if your prospect tries your product and loves it. They become a regular customer and after 3-6 months they decide they want to become a rep. These types of reps are more likely to succeed because they are true fans and are passionate about the product. What if they don’t make much money and stop building their business? Even if they quit the business part they still won’t stop their monthly autoship and you’ll keep the monthly volume because they love it.

How to prevent your reps from quitting
Your reps will quit because they aren’t making money. What you if you showed them how to get 5- 10 customers? It’s not hard to do and that would probably pay for their monthly autoship and give them a residual income. Would a rep that is receiving free product and even some extra money (no matter how small) quit the business?

What would happen to your team volume and monthly check if you and each of your reps got an extra 5-10 retail customers?
Would you advance rank?
Would you qualify for more bonuses?
Would you qualify for more reward trips?

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