This Should Be Your Top Priority When You Prospect


What is your number priority when are prospecting?

When I first got started in this profession, I was told by my sponsor that my main priority should be to close my prospect.

“Don’t take no for an answer. If you don’t convince them to join or buy then you are doing them a disservice.”

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As a result I got VERY good at prospecting, recruiting and convincing people to join my team. I was good at hard closing, convincing and overcoming objections. I eventually starting 4 and 5 figure months. The trouble with that is I had a lot of people on my team quit. I learned the hard way that even though you might be good at recruiting, it doesn’t mean you’ll have a big successful team. I was good at getting people to join but it eventually came to a point where most (not all but most) of my recruiting efforts were going towards replacing team members that quit rather than actually growing my team.

I could not keep up with the attrition and eventually my business tanked. I lost everything in the process. My home, my car and even my marriage.
I ended up joining another company so I could start the process again. I was using the same hard closing techniques that were very effective and started to create an income and a team again. Then one day I had a conversation with myself. I didn’t recognize the person I had turned into. For the most part I was recruiting people that I really shouldn’t have recruited. They really didn’t want to join. They did want to create a better life for themselves and their families but they just were not motivated to work. I almost quit the profession of network marketing but I ended up staying I did however change my focus of prospecting. I changed my focus from closing my prospect to serving my prospect.

I used to take it as a loss when I couldn’t get a sale. Now, when I prospect, I take the pressure off of myself. My primary goal is to serve my prospect. That means, it shouldn’t really feel like convincing.

The whole reason why I bring this up is because I saw a transaction between a saleswoman and an elderly couple.

As you can see from the video, the saleswoman did not serve her prospects, she simply wanted to take their money.

When you convince instead of serve

Imagine this scenario:
Your have started your business and you are excited. You talk to your brother about the business and he doesn’t want to join. He’s says that he is not sure if he can make money in the business and he really doesn’t have the time to do it. After talking with him, you convince him that he doesn’t have to work that hard and that it’s a lot easier than it looks. He reluctantly joins. Because of your convincing, he joins at the highest level for about $1500. A month later, he realizes that it’s not that easy and he ends up quitting. Now, when you see him at family gatherings it feels “weird”.

Network marketing is different than traditional sales. In traditional sales, the sales person may never see the person again after the transaction. However, in network marketing, you will be working closely with your new business partner. If you convinced them with hype, you will watch them fail. Eventually, they’ll figure it out and you’ll have to look them in the face on a regular basis with each of you knowing that you lied to them just so you could get a commission. Eventually they’ll just quit. If you had focused on serving them instead of closing them, maybe they wouldn’t have joined your team.

If you are in a situation where you are convincing someone that they should join your team, stop for a moment and think to yourself if you are really serving them. It will not serve your prospect if you convince them to join your team but they end up quitting within the first 30 days. Don’t convince your prospects, serve them by qualifying them. If you have to convince them to join, then you’ll have to convince them to work. You probably don’t want someone like that on your team. You want someone that is hungry, excited and ready to work.

If you have to use hype to convince your prospect that the business is easy, they probably will end up quitting. You are better off serving them by letting them know that the business just isn’t for them.

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