Time Is Money For Real Estate Investing

A popular phrase is that time is money. I’m sure you’ve heard that – right?

Well let me ask you something, if time is money, then how are you investing your time in your real estate investment business? Is it a profitable investment?

Are you doing things that will bring a return on your investment or are you wasting the one equal resource among all of us? With so many opportunities available to us, sometimes it’s easy to get caught up watching what everyone else is doing instead of minding our own business. See, as a real estate entrepreneur you must constantly be on guard to always respect and honor your time.

So, allow me to go over the areas that you should be investing your time. These areas are the most important areas for you to see real growth in your real estate investment business.

First, you should focus on your marketing systems to continuously bring you leads of motivated sellers every single month that will beg you to buy their home. The marketing of your business is the lifeblood to its growth. As you are first starting out, you may have a limited budget; therefore you must focus on low cost, direct response strategies to get people to act immediately. Then, as you complete a few deals, re-invest a percentage of your profits back into your business for marketing.

Next, you must focus on building relationships. Everyone that you meet may know of someone that you could help out. When you think of building relationships, think about the people that see motivated sellers all day long and work to build alliances with these people as they can refer you business every single month. After all, many of these businesses are advertising and it’s impossible for them to assist everyone that comes through the doors. For example, if you develop a relationship with a mortgage company, they could refer you leads of homeowners that are in default that call trying to refinance before they are foreclosed on. You could by their house to stop the foreclosure. See, these types of loans are almost impossible to do and you could be helping the mortgage company by taking care of their customer. And as a result, you’ll get repeat business.

The next area I want to discuss is mastering the art of negotiations with motivated sellers. You must first learn to build rapport with each seller before talking about any numbers relating to the house that you’re looking to purchase. It’s a proven fact that negotiations will go better for you if the party likes you. So, find an in that you can talk about with the seller, then slowly move into talking about the house focusing on a solution for the pain they are going through by owning the property.

Finally, last and certainly not least, your exit strategy becomes one of the major pieces to this puzzle that you must master to creating big paydays. Many times this can be a tougher area to crack because all your focus has been on how to acquire the deal and not on how to sell it. Just look at most real estate forums and you’ll see everyone wants to focus on the latest, greatest way to acquire a deal. Master your exit strategies and create a systemized approach to getting out of deals in record time.

So, if you want to grow your business to where you are doing 1-2 deals or more per month then you need a system that is constantly working for you bringing you deals in every month. These systems help to take the guesswork out of what you should do next. Now, invest your time wisely creating systems in these four areas and watch your real estate investment business grow!

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