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U.S 1% Rich 99% Poor
This is your choice.
Please take a moment to watch this ABC News report. This is something I have been saying for years that the gap between the rich and the poor is growing.

ABC News Report

But here is something to think about because there are a few points I want you realize. There are always two ways to look at the same thing. Regardless, this gap is going to continue to grow and we will all have made our choice.

One point is that the couple, the meteorologist and school volunteer, say that they are at no fault because they did everything they were supposed to. This is a common statement I hear in which people want to blame someone else. But really think about how that makes no sense. If someone did EVERYTHING they were supposed to, then obviously they wouldn’t be worried and they would be set for retirement. So they apparently didn’t educate themselves on the right way to handle their finances based on the way the economy was going.

Point two, the news consultant says that the people are upset because they feel the rich are playing by an entirely different set of rules. Well this is 100% true. What he didn’t say is that EVERYONE has the ability to play by these same rules. Unfortunately barely anyone takes the time to LEARN the rules.

This is the major reason I am in business today: to make sure EVERYONE has the opportunity to learn these rules.

Today to be part of the 1% club you actually only have to earn 180k a year. Not unrealistic for those thinking you have to be in the millions of dollars club.

I do not agree with how some of the rich have earned their money immorally, illegally and unethically. That is flat wrong and there are too many ways to do it the right way, to risk doing it the wrong way. The news likes the paint a one sided picture of the rich, but yet I haven’t found even one person that can say they wouldn’t be a happy with a little bit more financial security.

Everyone is allowed the freedom to choose. You can be part of the 1% or the 99%. If you do nothing, then you choose the 99%. But it is everyone’s free choice.

Which is your choice?

God Bless!

Stephen Oommen
Real Estate Investor & CEO – Ovestments Inc.

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