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This story describes the power of the mind. In this story Joe uses his mind to help him lose weight but the same principles can applied to anything; wealth creation, increased performance, overall health etc.

2. Jake shares his secret.

Jake took a seat beside Joe at the ice cream parlor. He had in his hand a mini scoop of orange sherbet ice cream. “Joe… I didn’t want to tell you that I’ve been doing other things besides diet and exercise because it made me feel silly. I’m only telling you now because it’s actually […]

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4. Joe Finds his WHY

Joe was still confused but was eager to know how to finally keep the weight off.  He wondered how it had nothing to do with will power.  He had an anxious feeling about Yoga.  He had never taken it before and wondered if he was going to look silly. Joe went to the yoga class […]

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3. Joe Talks with Frank

“I’m glad that you called.” Said Frank Here’s the thing, said Jake. Joe and I have been trying to lose weight for years and years now. He wants to know how I have kept the weight off this time. I told him that we’ve been working together and that you’ve helped me change my mind. […]

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1: Joe Gives Up

“This will never work for me!” shouted Joe out loud. “How will I ever lose weight and keep it off?” Joe looked in the mirror. There he was wearing them again. His fat pants. Eight months ago Joe was at 50 lbs lighter. He was working out 5-6 days a week. He was eating properly […]

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