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Real Estate Investing Seminars

When you look around, it’s amazing how many people are putting some of their extra cash into a real estate investment. Is it just that as the baby boomers get older, more of them are panicking about having enough money for retirement? Or is it just that all the reality shows on television about remodeling […]

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New York Real Estate Investing

It’s not the easiest business having dealings with real estate and houses. Especially if your in the business for investment purposes trying to turn a profit. It’s a game, and just like any other game you need to learn the rules to play it the best. You need to know where the real estate hot […]

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Real Estate Investing: Income, Leverage, Appreciation And Depreciation

Real Estate investing is not nearly as legally complicated, financially burdensome, or time consuming as you might think. Every investor can invest for leverage, appreciation, income, equity and appreciation. The challenge facing every transaction is learning to recognize value. Educated real estate investing is often knowing how to do deals. It does take time to […]

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