Scary Facts About Discovering a Job after University

Are you or someone you know worried about finding a job after university?

This fast video may help them recognize there are options out there.

Watch and share this fast video about  the realities in regards to work from home choices.

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1. The number of twentysomethings with full-time jobs has gone down.
2. 41% of college graduates say their job doesn’t even require a college degree.
3. 44% of college graduates are underemployed.
4. The number of twentysomethings still living with their parents has gone up.
5. Many twentysomethings have postponed major life decisions because of the economy.
6. The number of college graduates who work minimum-wage jobs has skyrocketed since the recession began.

The Fact About Financial Planning After College

Inside the  video I share some facts about discovering a job after college in addition to the reality of monetary planning after college. A growing number of university graduates are working base pay jobs and returning in with their moms and dads, exactly what THE MAJORITY OF do not comprehend is there are options out there that they might not know.


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