Use Private Money For Real Estate Investing To Keep Your Credit Available

Let?s assume for a minute that you are an average person, with an average income, and you want to invest in real estate. Have you thought about where the money will come from? Like most folks, trying to come up with the needed financing may be your biggest hurdle. That problem doesn?t necessarily go away after you?ve bought a few properties.

Some people think that after they have gotten a few deals, and a few mortgages in their name, they will never again have trouble obtaining financing. Unfortunately, that?s not always the case. Once you have several mortgages listed on your credit report, you may find it difficult, if not impossible, to get approved for additional loans. There is a solution however? it?s called private money for real estate investing.

The use of private money ? money loaned to you by private individuals for your real estate investing activity ? typically doesn?t get recorded on your credit report. Private lenders use different criteria for their loan decisions, and most are regular people like you and me. They don?t report to the credit bureau, so the loans don?t show up on your report.

What that means is that private money real estate loans don?t impact your credit. They don?t ?count against? your borrowing potential, or your debt-to-income ratio. As a result, when you need to borrow money for other investments, or other purposes altogether, the lender won?t see a long list of mortgages on your credit report, and will be able to approve your credit request.

Building a network of private lenders for real estate investment purposes means never having to explain to a creditor why you have so many loans or mortgages in your name. You won?t have to prove enough income to cover all of those loans, because no one will even know about them, except you and your private lenders. In fact, even your private lenders don?t need to know about each other, unless you want them to.

This is yet another reason to consider using private money for real estate investing, and building a network of your own to fund your real estate deals.

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