[video] -Here are 2 words to help you win any argument (especially the petty ones)


How to really win an argument
When most people think about winning an argument, they think it’s about proving that you are right and that they are wrong. Perhaps even getting them to admit it as well.

There are some problems with that:
1. That’s very unlikely to happen.
2. Even it does happen, there’s a tension in the air. You win the argument for the sake of straining the relationship.

So in order to really “win” the argument just use these 2 words.

Are you ready for them?

“You’re right”

Those are the words.

Saying someone is right is telling yourself that you value the relationship more than you value being right.

In the end, they are just words.

You’ll notice that the people that have to “right” all the time are ones who are unhappiest.

On the flipside, those that are willing to admit they are wrong especially in cases where it doesn’t even matter, are the happiest.

Winning an argument where someone admits defeat isn’t a real win.
Are real win is neutralizing a conflict.

Don’t let your ego get in the way of your happiness.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your best friend or someone random online.
The best way to win an argument is by saying “You are right”

In most cases, especially if it’s a matter of opinion (vs if it’s a matter fact) both parties are in fact right from their point of view.
Saying you are right doesn’t admit defeat, it’s saying that you understand why they are feeling what they are feeling (whether you agree with that feeling or not)

Saying “You’re right” doesn’t meant that you’re wrong.

Create a great day!

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