Weight loss doesn’t have to cost.

People often ask me how I lost 44 lbs and counting.
When I show them how I did it some of them follow and they lose weight too.
Some of them say it cost too much.

The following is taken from Alex Body Revolution here:  https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=605758322787779&id=428734623823484&refid=17


Is your health really too expensive? How do you value your body? How do you value the higher energy levels you experience? It’s all a matter of priorities. Priorities in what you value most in your life.

Take a moment and look at your finances, specifically at your investments and expenses. What do you use your money on? Investments? Or expenses?

Do you invest your hard earned money on something that will give you a high return on the future? Or do you spend your money on something that has lost 30% of its value the moment you buy it? Or worse yet, has zero return. Or even worse – negative return. Negative return means that spending money on whatever you have purchased is costing you even more money – drugs, alcohol, constant intake of junk food…

It’s not just money, but it’s the psychological consequences and future VALUE of your actions that matter too and these can be more expensive than any simple monetary value on paper.

Here I try to maximize investments, always, and I suggest you do too. Investments in my business, in my personal self-development, in my education (fitness, nutrition, business, strategy, marketing, psychology), in my relationships, and in my body. That’s where my time, energy and money go most of the time.

In the end, losing weight didn’t cost me a thing.
It made me money.
Do you want to do the same?

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