What do you think the best network marketing movie is?

game changerWhat would you say the very best Network Marketing Movie is?

There are a lot of movies out there that are very inspirational and that teach great lessons about success, about sales and about business.
If you had to pick the best one, which one would it be?

A couple of popular choices:
The Boiler Room
Glen Gary Glen Ross
Wolf of Wall Street
The Secret

Those are all awesome choices but my vote goes to
(drum roll)

The Matrix

The reason?
It’s all about having FAITH and about believing.

Spoiler Alert:
I don’t feel too bad about giving away in the movie because it’s pretty old.
If you have seen it then I suggest that you do.
It’s about Neo who is supposed to be “the chosen one” and fight off the agents however every time he encounters an agent, they beat the snot out of him.

This happens for most of the movie until he finally believes.
When he finally believes, everything seems so easy for him.
He can fight off the agents with one hand behind his back.

Having Faith is the same for network marketers.
The moment you start believing, you’ll be able to do the things that you THINK you need to learn.

You think you need to know how to invite people or how to overcome objections.
You will still need to learn those things but when you have belief and conviction, you won’t need to invite SOME of the people.
Instead of waiting for an invitation, some people will just want to know what it is and get started because they sense that you are passionate and that you believe so much in it.

Instead of having to over come objections, for SOME people, it just won’t come up. Why? Because they can sense that you believe.

You only need to do one thing. You just have to believe.
You have everything you need. You just have to believe.

If you don’t agree with me I would love to know why.
I can always use some great recommendations of movies to watch.
What movie do you think is the best network marketing movie?

Create a great day!

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