What if Charity was scam?

charity scamWhat if Charity was scam?

I had a discussion with friends about where you they give charity.
One of the questions that came up was, “Do you give charity to the homeless?”

Some of my friends refuse to do it because they want their charity to go else where.

One of my friends stated that she gets upset when she finds out that her charitable donations go to somewhere that it isn’t needed. For instance, maybe she might give some money to someone who she thinks needs it (like a homeless person who isn’t really homeless just pretending to be) because her money could have gone where it’s truly needed.

Her are my thoughts on giving to Charity when it turns out to be a scam.

Charity isn’t between you and who you give it too.
Charity is between you and your higher power.

When you give charity you send 2 signals to the Universe.

Your Donation Will Reach The Right Place
The first signal that you send is that your charity is going to the proper spot and if it isn’t, your donation will some how reach where it’s needed most. Maybe you want to give a $10 to a homeless person but they really aren’t homeless, they are just pretending to be. You could have given the money to a person that really is homeless. If you trust the Universe, know that it’s about your intention. If you give $10 to a homeless person that doesn’t need it, the Universe will provide for those that really do need it. Maybe the person that really does need it will find a $10 bill blowing in the wind.

Trust the Universe, if you are putting money into the “Charitable System” it will reach the place where it’s needed.

The Universe will take care of you.
The second signal that you are sending the Universe is that you will be taken care of. Maybe you barely have enough to survive. Maybe you have less. Maybe you have enough and a little bit left over for fun and entertainment. Giving to charity could either leave you with not enough or it could leave you with just enough and you won’t have any left over for fun.

In those cases it can be difficult to give to charity. But if you do, then you are sending a signal to the Universe that you trust that it will take care of you.

Say this out loud:

“The Universe delivers to me on time, everytime!”

***Feel free to subsitute Universe with God or Allah or what ever you happen to call your higher power.

Law of Reciprocity
The Law of Reciprocity is solid as the law of gravity. Here is how it works:

If you give something with all your heart, you’ll get it back. Not only will you get it back, you’ll get it back in buckets.

This is true for smiles, if you walk around with a big smile, you’ll get many smiles back.
It’s also true for love, if you walk around with a great attitude, you’ll get lots of love back and it also works for money. If you give money to charity with the right emotion, you’ll get it back and you’ll get it back in buckets. It might not come back through the charity but the money will find you.

Beware, it works also for negative things. like anger. If you walk around with anger, you will get more anger back.

A Story Of Reciprocity
I once bought something from a friend of mine, his name is Patrick. It was some fliers for my business for $10. He gave me the fliers but I didn’t have cash on me at the time so I owed him the money.
A couple weeks later, I saw him and I had some cash on me. I gave him the $10 and he said thank and that he had forgotten that I owed him money.
I joked with and said, “I’m not giving back to you for you. I’m giving to you for me!”
To which Patrick replied, “What do you mean by that?”
I explain the law of reciprocity to him. If I intentionally steal $10 from him then the Universe will take it from me. Not only will it take it from me but it will take it in buckets. Patrick probably would not steal the money back if I didn’t give it to him but the Universe would find a way. I might get a flat tire and have to pay $100 or more to get it replaced. I might get robbed or mugged for the money or I might just lose it. The point is what ever you give, will come back to you in buckets.

It’s All About The Intention
If you give money to homeless person that doesn’t need it, or to a charity that is a scam. That doesn’t counter your intention. Your intention was to give the money.
If your money doesn’t go to where it’s needed, the Universe will route other money their on your behalf. Trust the Universe.

It’s not like when you get to heaven, and you are making a case that you should get in and you say,

“I’ve been giving charity with all my heart to XYZ foundation for 25 years”
God isn’t going to say, “Yes but that charity was a scam, it doesn’t count.”
Remember charity isn’t about where it’s going, it’s about your intention.

My Charity Challenge To You
If you are happy about the way you give to charity then you don’t even need to read this. I guess that most of my blog readers are awesome and they already give to charity. But if you want your life to get better and you want more abundance in your life if you aren’t giving to charity, just start. Giving to charity will bring abundance into your life. When you give, you’ll feel better and you’ll see the results of more abundance. I’m not exactly sure how it will manifest for you but perhaps you’ll get promotion at work or you’ll find an unexpected cheque in the mail. Maybe your business will start to flourish, I’m not sure what it is. Start giving to charity today. It can start off small if you like and you can build from there. You can start by giving some money to a random homeless person.

If you feel like you can’t afford to give to charity then you really need to give to it

.Send a signal out to the Universe that you trust it and give to charity.

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